the more money you have, the less you'll experience one of the biggest joys of life: true love from people around you. do you even really give any love to the rich?

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higher salaries are over 50% tied to where you were born and grew. only less than 5% to your own merits.

@nicd thanks again.

so my idea must be indeed just my illusion (as i just had said on the link).

i have no numbers or hard evidence to prove my thesis, but here's the killer: neither do mask wearing, for big populations.

brushing teeth is much easier and disseminated. yet, we fail and need dentists way too often.

unlikely toothbrushing, technically a mask without proper protocol do more harm than good and i bet that's what happens in average.

time will tell.

@nicd sorry for the confusion.

i'm very aware they're different things. and of a lot around what's happening, as you can read in much more confusion on my big draft

the thing is: masks are technically detrimental in practice. they only work to increase constant awareness (which in itself is good).

but we should trade that for the benefits of tracking any time, and eventually even use better garments to remind us to stay aware... a symbol.

anyway, thanks for replying! 😘

first long journey on a public transport (a supposed less crowded coach bus) after covid-19 here.

perhaps i have a breathing condition after all, because i can't stand the mask for so long!

disclaimers aside, here's the idea it led me to think about today:

> what if the law would rather be "no mask required if you're using the tracking app"?

the app is proved to be the most effective method after distancing and vaccine. in fact, masks would indeed be even unnecessary!

what do you think?


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