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I just ordered the parts - should be arriving at any point between the 5th of March and the 10th of April.

Two replacement joysticks and caps, and the two required screwdrivers came to AU$8.79. All shipping was free.

I don't use git
I don't understand static and dynamically typed language
I don't understand polymorphism
I don't understand REST
I don't understand how functional programming differs from whatever else
I don't understand abstract coding frameworks and frames of mind
I don't understand library management

I have been coding useful things for myself for 15 years and I have little to no idea how any of the preceding work. Programming as a community has gotten more and more abstract, leaving me behind. When discussing problems I wish to solve with coding at other coders, I usually get back some answer that makes zero sense and is abstract or predicated on knowledge they learned foundationally, when all I learned was to start writing code and making results happen.

At this point, I would just learn all the things but I'm off-put by the general manosphere vibe and jargon saturation. It doesn't feel like a space I'm wanted in because my intelligence and usefulness is called into question regarding these things. It's not a welcoming way to be—assuming everyone had your journey.

#coding #programming

I still can't believe I'm a Year 12 student now.

That happened so quickly.

Windows 9 isn't the first time Microsoft skipped a version number - In the early days, they skipped over MS-UNO and went straight to MS-DOS!

In the near future, the most fun Let's Plays to watch won't be streamed by humans, but instead it will be AIs learning and figuring out a video game on their own.

Case in point:

My Wii U GamePad's joysticks have been broken for a long time now, and I'm considering replacing them myself.

It would certainly be cheaper than an EB Games Reboot Repair or sending it back to Nintendo for repair, but I also run the risk of damaging something and having to purchase a new GamePad entirely.

The process seems pretty straightforward though. Should I try it?

my puppy ate one of my pc speakers and now he's a subwoofer

If you hold a Unix shell up to your ear, can you hear the C?

If your router fails during a conference call it's Panic! at the Cisco

What do you call someone with more than one Mastodon account?

A multitusker.

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I want to apologise for a toot I made earlier regarding me learning how to drive.

I mentioned that I was travelling at 100km/h, which in Australia, is the normal speed for a highway/freeway.

I was unaware that this was not the case in other countries, and received a few messages from people concerned about my driving ability.

I wanted to reassure everyone that I was in safe operation of the vehicle and was following all Australian road laws.

I'm sorry for any confusion or concern I caused.

Everyone has an "escape from this horrible world for a few minutes" soundtrack, right? Right?

Mine is currently Geneva Drive by Auxcide, but I'm looking to expand to a few more tracks. Any recommendations?

"Lunch is very close" says the director at 4:23pm. 😂

I was on the set of a feature film production today and that's pretty much all I'm allowed to say about it.

It was fun!

I wrote a once-in-a-blue-moon blog entry today, featuring a bit of catch-up of events that have happened in the past year, and some self-reflection.

Note to self: fully switch to GitLab before this happens. 🤦‍♂️

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