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A post from the Bureau of Meteorology saying "The dust whipped up by the gusty north to northwesterly winds certainly had gone thicker from 12:08 pm to 12:44 pm as seen from our Adelaide office. West to southwesterly wind change expected to arrive in Adelaide around 5 pm."

Attached to the post are two photos taken from the windows of their Adelaide office showing how the dust storm has caused lowered visibility along the street.

Guess tonight's going to be a "can't be bothered" night. 😕

What's up?

All done now, after a lot of fiddling.

The new black caps that came with the joystick modules were slightly too big, resulting in the sticks getting stuck when pushed to the edge, and moving back into the central position really slowly. I tried to make it work, but gave up.

I took the white caps off of the old joysticks and put them on the new joystick boards, and everything seems to be working fine now.

I played Mario Kart for the first time in a while, and I'm definitely out of practise. 😑

I'm not the one who checks the mailbox in this house, and we've been getting shipments all week. (my parents bought new SIM/microSD cards for their phones)

So it turns out my new joysticks arrived some time this week and I only just now found them. 😅

I'll be off to bed shortly, but I know what I'll be spending my day off tomorrow doing!

Last week, we were pushing towards 42°C.

Right now, its 9.3°C and I'm loving it!

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I just ordered the parts - should be arriving at any point between the 5th of March and the 10th of April.

Two replacement joysticks and caps, and the two required screwdrivers came to AU$8.79. All shipping was free.

I don't use git
I don't understand static and dynamically typed language
I don't understand polymorphism
I don't understand REST
I don't understand how functional programming differs from whatever else
I don't understand abstract coding frameworks and frames of mind
I don't understand library management

I have been coding useful things for myself for 15 years and I have little to no idea how any of the preceding work. Programming as a community has gotten more and more abstract, leaving me behind. When discussing problems I wish to solve with coding at other coders, I usually get back some answer that makes zero sense and is abstract or predicated on knowledge they learned foundationally, when all I learned was to start writing code and making results happen.

At this point, I would just learn all the things but I'm off-put by the general manosphere vibe and jargon saturation. It doesn't feel like a space I'm wanted in because my intelligence and usefulness is called into question regarding these things. It's not a welcoming way to be—assuming everyone had your journey.

#coding #programming

I still can't believe I'm a Year 12 student now.

That happened so quickly.

Windows 9 isn't the first time Microsoft skipped a version number - In the early days, they skipped over MS-UNO and went straight to MS-DOS!

In the near future, the most fun Let's Plays to watch won't be streamed by humans, but instead it will be AIs learning and figuring out a video game on their own.

Case in point:

My Wii U GamePad's joysticks have been broken for a long time now, and I'm considering replacing them myself.

It would certainly be cheaper than an EB Games Reboot Repair or sending it back to Nintendo for repair, but I also run the risk of damaging something and having to purchase a new GamePad entirely.

The process seems pretty straightforward though. Should I try it?

my puppy ate one of my pc speakers and now he's a subwoofer

If you hold a Unix shell up to your ear, can you hear the C?

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