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I'm manifesting a new laptop. My laptop was stolen a few months ago by someone who befriended me to create an opportunity to steal it. I went through a tough period afterwards. I'm currently without a laptop. I can do so much more with a laptop again.

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Using the issue as an opportunity for innovation.

Community management and open social federated platforms like mastodon.

Introducing the concept of ActivityPub / Mastodon moderation repositories.

And a list of visible community management stances for each instance (only those that they want of course).

Your thoughts?

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Expressing my frustration. A start of a series of blog posts that result in a release of a lot of frustration.

Monday I was temporarily in the unknown. Getting more clarity. Will post on my new goals for the current Tzolkin year (260 days. we just started) later. I'm currently on my way to Mexico City. Next up: Palenque (very likely).

Disclosure and mainstream sheep herding

People are often strongly identified with their beliefs. And they often tie their beliefs to eachother. The result being that people often can feel personally attacked if you happen to hit one of their beliefs.

For a short amount of time I'm making myself available to communities all over Latin America that want to work with me.

For any community that wants to be of benefit to the planet. I will host Deep Change sessions and talks about my research.

Please share with communities that you feel might benefit from this.

Best way to reach me is through


Tomorrow I'll start a 7 day waterfast to increase my vibration and help me release frustration around feeling not supported and feeling not understood. I'm especially sensitive when someone triggers similar feelings that my dad triggers in me. After the waterfast I'll continue with fluids only until the end of this month.

I have a new private Telegram channel where supporters can watch mini-video's about Deep Change and the Unity Village.

After losing everything we are free to create anything. Please give me your energetic or financial support and help me bootstrap a new life.

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I picked up "SSH Mastery" by @mwlucas and gave it a read.

Even with many years of SSH under my belt I still learned a few things.

Thumbs up for the crisp writing style. Thumbs up for humor that entertains without getting in the way. "SSH Mastery" has some of the best tech writing I've come across.

Joebob sez check it out.

I need your support. It's time to level up. I need to bootstrap a new life starting from nothing. I'm currently without a laptop and without money. I'm executing on the Unity Village mission.

You can help in a lot of different ways:
* Share my posts
* Financial donations
* Join one of my new initiatives
* Help me with a new Free Software laptop
* And more...

I'm also sharing my frustration. I'm committed to this path. I will do another waterfast to help me clean up.

Announcing the Deep Change Personal Intensive.

Work with me 1on1 in your own living environment for a period of at least 5 days. Only available for a limited time.

July 13th (kin 1) until September 2nd (kin 52). I’m only available when I’m not visiting communities for the Deep Change Community Intensive.

If you want to work with me afterwards you need to apply for the Deep Change Freedom Initiative or Deep Change Intensive.

Announcing the Deep Change Community Intensive.

For any community that wants to be of benefit to the planet. This is a broad definition which is perfect for now.

Only available for a limited time. July 13th (kin 1) until September 2nd (kin 52). I might visit multiple communities in this time.

Unity Village Projects Disclosed: Project Weeding Ant

In this series I will disclose projects for the Unity Village when it makes sense to do so. Since I’m typing on my phone and I have a lot of other posts to write this might take a while.

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