Whilst rummaging in a tin of important stuff, I found a usb wifi dongle. Popped it into my testing and it picks up the house wifi from the garage...

So, the question is, would the detached garage count as an off-site backup location?


@gairsty not sure if you're joking, but no, does not qualify as off-site. To be called like that it must be in a place safe from a fire / flood / quake / zombie outburst / meteoric impact affecting the main location.

@crappo I hadn't allowed for zombies. In that case it can't be used, as we live next door to a graveyard.

(FYI for once, I wasn't joking)

@gairsty oh my. Being that close to the graveyard, the safety of your off-line data will be the less of your problems if (when) the zombie apocalypse starts.

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