So there's a fox every hour bot and a bunny every hour bot... and I'm hoping they never cross paths.

What technology achievement would you like to see before dying? For me would be the clonation of a woolly mammoth.

It's ok for toots to be unchangeable, but there should exist an option to add aclarations and more content to a toot (without changing the original). This new toot 'post-scriptum' should appear exactly after the toot, marked specially.

Ah, one of my favorite IRC clients... Microsoft Chat!
Getting a kick being on

My friend angel has a new Gemini capsule hosting some nice short stories:


@angel said:

"The Linux Foundation 2020 Report document was written on a Mac with MacOS. Why are you a fucking lie, Linux Foundation?"

Please, make sure you mark all your inane posts to allow us to filter them out. Thanks in advance.


A: cadáver probable: Joe Biden
B: cadáver sorpresa: Rosalía
C: cadáver deseable: Apple

Why are so many Fosstodoners worried about Apple and its closed (and bloated!) OS releases?

How to Get Fired Using Switch Statements and Statement Expressions

An orchard of batshit insane things done using the switch C keyword. For example, co-routines:

#include <stdio.h> #define coroutine_begin() static int state=0; switch(state) { case 0: #define coroutine_return(x) { state=__LINE__; return x; case __LINE__:; } #define coroutine_finish() } int get_next(void) { static int i = 0; coroutine_begin(); while (1){ coroutine_return(++i); coroutine_return(100); } coroutine_finish(); } int main(void){ printf("i is %d\n", get_next()); /* Prints 'i is 1' */ printf("i is %d\n", get_next()); /* Prints 'i is 100' */ printf("i is %d\n", get_next()); /* Prints 'i is 2' */ printf("i is %d\n", get_next()); /* Prints 'i is 100' */ return 0; }

XFS 2468 Bug

Jonathan Corbet:

"[...] timestamps in this filesystem are now good through 2468. Developers now have clear warning of a problem coming in 448 years, but chances are they will procrastinate on addressing it for at least 440 of them."

Spectrum Next's are available to preorder for a short time for anyone who missed the Kickstarter


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