Would anyone be able to give me some advice or guide me through setting up Jekyll on Github (or srt.ht)? I've read some docs and tried before (I will admit I was pressed for time so I didn't try my hardest but I figured it would be easy to try but it was more complicated than I had anticipated) with no luck. I appreciate any tips, advice or even good wishes.


Thinking about possibly trying the challenge but I cant decide if I should host it on my own website or if I should try out write.as

I'm thinking of taking commissions again for a little bit. Would anyone be interested?
I can do logos, banners, icons, thumbnails, etc.

I'm thinking of taking commissions again for a little bit. Would anyone be interested?
I can do logos, banners, icons, thumbnails, etc.

New life for XMPP. Build your own decentralized messenger!
The idea of building decentralized messenger run by users, not corporations, is not new. But the process of building it costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. But what if we take the old good XMPP protocol, which has everything already implemented for us?
#i2p #i2pd #xmpp #federation #decentralization #p2p #privacy i2p.rocks/blog/new-life-for-xm

Alright Fediverse. Quick question: XMPP or Matrix?

I'm looking to host my own E2E encrypted chat service for family and friends. My whole family uses iPhones, I use android (looking to get off once the Linux phone ecosystem is more mature). I've seen a lot of people on here talking about Yunohost, so that got me thinking about which way to go.

I just want us to be able to communicate securely and easily.

someone should make a python library with the sole functionality of putting your computer to sleep

they should call it slee.py

I've just published a piece of music I've worked on for the past 5 years - a remix of a friend's track titled "The Other Castle". Made with LMMS and ZynAddSubFX.
A YouTube release should follow soon. Enjoy!
#unfa #bass #music #dubstep #Drum&Bass #Trance #Techno

Hi, I'm Igor, system engineer, from France 🥖
It's my first steps on Mastodon.

I finally switched over to AwesomeWM (At least for now) and MAN has it pushed me to use the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts more.

It's been an interesting journey but I'm pretty proud of the progress I'm making.

I just might not leave tiling window managers for a while now because of the flexibility, keyboard shortcuts and productivity increase (well, now that I know the keyboard shortcuts).

Props to @distrotube@mastodon.technology for the great videos that have encouraged me to push the limit & learn new tech.

Dear #fediverse .. I need your help,

A wonderful #privacy tool is being developed by our member Tijmen.

(He's also the creator of socialcooling.com that trended extremely well here on Fedi and on HN)


The tool needs to be translated to all European languages, and its a task that should only take a couple of minutes per translation.

Would you help with your contribution?

Here are instructions how you can: community.humanetech.com/t/507

Boosts appreciated!
Thank you 🙏

Time for all the to crawl out of the woodwork for the next 24 hours only to vanish from social media again until next year.

This could come in really handy when updating packages.

Imagine: pacman/yay could diff the changelog between the installed and the new version of the package and show you what has changed since the last update.

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Just git cloned myself youtube-dl from a non-Github repository!

As always, may everyone have a great day except for the people who made the DMCA a thing ^_^

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