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Nice hackathon about #jitsi financed by European Commission.
- #peertube implementation
- breakout rooms
- file sharing
- more...

Winning over the classroom with Jitsi

@ghil As a oldschool irssi user I tried to use text clients in beginning, but after a while settled with Element Desktop. Just enable IRC style layout, dark theme and learn the key shortcuts and it's pretty nice.

"The matrix: URI scheme has just been officially accepted (safelisted) into the HTML standard!" - one important step to become widely accepted standard. Let's see how long until browsers actually support it.

@Mehrad @session tuolta löytyy suomalaiset palvelimet joille on mahdollista hankkia tunnus. Julkista ei tällä hetkellä ole, tosin projekti sellasen pystyttämiseksi on.

@Mehrad @session do you have a problem with any of the bigger public matrix servers? is considered the most unstable and slow server due to its huge size, although that has been improving a lot. Don't use if possible to help decentralize matrix and reduce load on it.

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Element rolls out bridge: Microsoft Teams crosses into Matrix's encrypted comms land


@lfs those are not window managers.

@efftoyz I wonder if this could be used to bridge Twitch chats to Matrix..

@68km you know about Gemini & Cosmo communicators? I've got them both. They have software and hardware issues but they are still best phones I can buy today. The keyboard is same as on Psions and it's glorious.

@fediverseparty Socialtap sounds nice.. At last we can make Fediverse better one pint at a time.

@marcosg glad to help! I haven't logged in to "real" telegram client for over a year.

@marcosg You know about Matrix? You could use it as the primary IM and bridge your Telegram to it. There's a public Telegram bridge at

@be it depends. I suppose you talk about Matrix. If you are on Matrix side, everything just works and you don't even notice some of the users are bridged. If you are on other side, the limitations of the platform may cause worse experience. For example IRC is very good, WhatsApp is bad as everything is sent via relaybot.

@jaywink Me neither, I first wrote the bot to search normal instances. Then someone on mentioned Sepia search. Luckily it uses exactly same API as search on PT instances so it was really easy to support.

I wrote a new tool for fediverse: search Peertube via Matrix. It uses Sepia Search API to search on all participating public Peertube instances. You can also select any single instance. It's implemented as a module for Hemppa the bot - see docs here:

@edgren Ok, sorry the teddit link does not work so I suppose I misunderstood the post.

@jalvarez Interesting find indeed. Maybe someone with more copyright knowledge could review the agreement and comment on it?

@levi Peertube. Runs beautifully in an iframe if needed.

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