Warm enough for some Streetcomplete action with Turre the dog (11 years). First time this year.

Updating my Jolla phone for the last time - they stopped making software updates after 7 years of support. I thought the battery was dead but it woke up in charger. Sailfish is still the best mobile OS i have used, far ahead of Android and iOS.

Quite funny.. refugees welcome to Matrix (skip the other centralized silos like Signal & Telegram)

We just set up a posting pipeline Matrix -> Mastodon -> Twitter for hacklab updates with IFTTT. Seems to work!

Testing Element Desktop with monospace font for oldschool IRC look. Not sure if I'll keep it that way. Someone should also do a Matrix clone of mIRC for those who prefer it.

Testing photo sending with . Seems to work if you see this. Photos from our backyard.


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