@cos I'm using federated Matrix for work. It's great in a lot of ways, but the half-baked UI-poor E2EE model is ... problematic. Between users accidentally losing their session keys and missing history, and the fact that cross-signing is neither transparent nor working correctly, it's a struggle.

I think federation is not problem #1 for Matrix right now.

(It's also clearly a better idea than the centralized solutions, federated or not!)

@elb yeah, E2EE does still have some issues.

I haven't hit them, but heard lot of reports. Especially users on poorly performing servers (=matrix.org) have issues. I'm sure these will be eventually solved by client and server fixes.

@cos I hope so. Some transparency into the situation in the Element client would go a long way. Like, I understand that my laptop does not trust my home desktop, but WHY is it untrusted? A little red shield when I think I've cross-signed only goes so far.

In the meantime, for things that don't require espionage-level secrecy, and for users who don't log out long enough to lose sessions, it's a relatively satisfactory solution.

@elb have you verified the session of the desktop with laptop or other client? The UI could provide some help indeed. Links to wiki page with full explanation or something like that.

@cos Yup. And it changes nothing, and the "some clients may not trust this session" message doesn't go away. It's great, and very trust-building.

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