Updating my Jolla phone for the last time - they stopped making software updates after 7 years of support. I thought the battery was dead but it woke up in charger. Sailfish is still the best mobile OS i have used, far ahead of Android and iOS.

@cos It's a shame it's EOL. If there was a real open source ecosystem around that phone, I'd be all about it.

@jamesvasile blame the SOC manufacturer.. Jolla is stuck with kernel they got from them and have no (realistic) way to upgrade. Also the hardware is indeed quite old for a phone.

@mcread I want a qwerty keyboard and need android support. I bought Sailfish X for Gemini PDA but it lacks Android support so it's not usable for me. I'm stuck on Android for now unfortunately.

@cos so then you're stuck in GrapheneOS or maybe e-foundation ( if you're based in europe )

@cos Reminds me of late handheld Windows. I'm sure it doesn't have Windows bugs like "no, why would you ever want to clock sync over wifi? why don't you have a 4G connection?"

@PestToast they were Gemini PDA and now Cosmo Communicator which I currently use. Would not recommend due to quality problems unfortunately. Not sure what will be the next.

@cos I was gonna get a gemini, but yea, I heard about the quality issues. I really miss having a physical keyboard. Currently waiting on a pinephone so I can try 3d printing one (people better than me have been working hard on this)

@jameshjacksonjr @PestToast Thanks, good to have alternatives. There's also Astro Slide coming but I don't trust Planet Computers anymore after 2 failures.

@cos @PestToast I've used BlackBerrys sence the first one in 1995 that one and they have been reliable sence then 26 years of excellent devices and I've used em all 26 years.

@jameshjacksonjr @PestToast Never used a Blackberry (they weren't a thing in Finland) but had most of the Nokia Communicators. I worked at Nokia as student so never had to buy one with my own money :-)

@jameshjacksonjr @PestToast me too, N950 was also great but not released officially. It was 99% ready and then canceled.

@cos @PestToast now we have a new group of FOSS phones coming Librem 5 and pinephone

@jameshjacksonjr @PestToast they are interesting but no FOSS phone with keyboard available yet. I'm not going back to touchscreen typing. Add-on keyboards don't count. Also I'm afraid I need Android app support.

@cos @PestToast I ordered a Librem 5 waiting for it to be my turn to receive it my goal is to be Android free by end of this year be fully FOSS

@jameshjacksonjr @PestToast some proper Matrix client, navigation app like OSMAnd, Geocaching app, Tier / Lime scooter app, etc.. Those are difficult to replace on a FOSS phone unfortunately.

@cos I noted the other day that the version for my physical phone was older than the beta for my p‌inephone. Still would rather run it on my pinephone... but I think it was missing tethering last I checked. Need to try again... but I swapped over to mobian (which is so dissapointing - phosh is just a horrid user interface, especially compared to sailfish)

Also I miss my _actual_ Jolla phone, I had 2, lost both. Couldn't get a new one after losing the 2nd one.

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