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So here’s one of the main reason why I’m still playing video games from 1990.

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Imagine how many people they could have gotten to delete Facebook/Instagram! :( Facebook banned them

Jack delay test result: 2962.983 frames 61.729 ms

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Installed Pipewire on Ubuntu 21.04. Sounds still work. The bluetooth package failed to install but there is already an issue about it. Haven't tested proper audio work with synths yet but looks good so far.

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the mupid is a fascinating beast

aside from looking cool, it was an early 80s graphical terminal capable of vector graphics drawing and running programs directly downloaded from the network.

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Weird git clone issue on Debian 10.9. Anyone else seen this? fatal: unable to access '': Failed sending HTTP2 data

Installed this on my HTPC - all good and even running Wayland!

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Dear ActivityPub + Github + Matrix users : do you have any ideas on how we could bridge these three tools ? Bouncing the following tools in the context of FedeProxy (forge activitypub interoperability)

github + matrix bridge + kazarma + activitypub client (mastodon for example) = what usage ? following issues ?

Boosts appreciated.

#ActivityPub #forges #developerexperience

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Nice hackathon about #jitsi financed by European Commission.
- #peertube implementation
- breakout rooms
- file sharing
- more...

Winning over the classroom with Jitsi

"The matrix: URI scheme has just been officially accepted (safelisted) into the HTML standard!" - one important step to become widely accepted standard. Let's see how long until browsers actually support it.

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Element rolls out bridge: Microsoft Teams crosses into Matrix's encrypted comms land


I wrote a new tool for fediverse: search Peertube via Matrix. It uses Sepia Search API to search on all participating public Peertube instances. You can also select any single instance. It's implemented as a module for Hemppa the bot - see docs here:

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Calling all translators!

Inkscape is now in string freeze for the upcoming version 1.1.

See which part needs your help the most at & find out how to get started at

#FLOSS #inkscape #helpwanted #translation

Does anyone know a way to get proper Youtube video titles instead of "Before continuing to youtube" programmatically? I've tried correct and fake user agents and using /embed/ -url. Nothing seems to work. I wouldn't like to use Youtube API key for such simple thing. The problem seems to happen only in european IP's.

Interesting post about what the next chat app should be like. The author practically describes Matrix, but in the end dismisses Matrix for some reasons at least I find invalid.

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