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You can subscribe to any Mastodon account through RSS if you prefer.

1. Go to the Mastodon account's public page (click on an account's profile image to open its public page)

2. Copy the page's URL, and add .rss to the end of it (for example becomes

3. Use this new URL in your favourite RSS feed reading software

Note this only shows public toots. Replies and restricted visibility posts will not appear in the feed.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #RSS

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#Akademy2021: Where to watch and how to participate:

Includes links and instructions to help you join channel rooms (already active) and video feeds

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Any glider pilots around? I started a Matrix room for us:


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shell redirection:

>: STDOUT, overwrite
>>: STDOUT, append
2>: STDERR, overwrite
2>>: STDERR, append
&>: STDOUT/STDERR, overwrite
&>>: STDOUT/STDERR, append
<: read file to STDIN
<<: read multiline string to STDIN (heredoc)
<<<: read single line string to STDIN

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#Freenode meltdown continues.

Looks like Nickserv/Chanserv nicks were not blocked by the new Freenode staff, *and* one of them had their own bot signed in as Nickserv, thus potentially getting users' passwords:

/thanks @tomasino

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conduit is running and federating on my 486!!!

i have a 486 as a matrix homeserver!!!

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Today's #techdiving was a one-shot-done production with this beautifully-posed Cratena peregrina nudibranch. #weloveslug

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Thanks to @sylvie_photos 's artworks and the great #GodotEngine, here's a first look at the endless gallery! An endless stream of procedurally generated rooms where an art expo takes place. The gif doesn't make it justice so go watch the video!

Here's the peertube link:

And the youtube link:

Just a warning if you have moved of plan to move your IRC channel to and plan to bridge it to other IM's or IRC networks: "Just had a chat with matrix support, libera has requested to not allow double-bridging (at least for the time being)".

Note: This has not been officially confirmed yet.

This is not an issue if you keep the channel 100% IRC or IRC+Matrix, but better go to IRCNet or OFTC if you want to add Telegram or Discord support.

I wrote a guide on migrating off Freenode channel in . Haven't tested it myself but should work:

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PeerTube 3.2 has just been released! 🥳

It includes many UX improvements, better download/upload management, and more.

We hope you'll enjoy it!

🎉 Nous publions aujourd'hui la version 3.2 de #PeerTube, notre alternative libre, décentralisée et fédérée à YouTube (& co).

Au menu : de nombreuses améliorations UX, une meilleure gestion des téléchargements, etc.

Nous espérons que vous l'apprécierez !


News :

Changelog :

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Celebrate with us: currently 3.500 apps are available in the F-Droid main repo, yay! 🍾🍹

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