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is a log file navigator.

lnav is a program which reads log files and displays their combined contents in chronological order. lnav highlights and colorizes relevant or important information, including actions and errors. lnav understands several log formats, can create timestamped logs from any program output, and can filter by regex or SQL.

Website ๐Ÿ”—๏ธ:

apt ๐Ÿ“ฆ๏ธ: lnav

I feel like a criticism of nation states that doesn't get made enough is that nationalism comes to replace community.

Reminder that SeaGL is this Friday and Saturday at Seattle Central. Free to attend.

Lovely wee documentary about Manila Food Not Bombs, who organize a regular free market and food stand in the city center, surrounded by anarchist flags and signs :foodnotbombs: :ancom_star: #OurScenes


Check out these rates! Anacortes, WA is offering public gigabit internet for under $70 a month. We have the opportunity to do the same thing here! has asked the to vote on whether or not SPU should consider it for Seattle.


Someone asked Debbie Bookchin last night how people could best help those in . She said when she visited there she asked her hosts the same question.

Their answer: work to adopt libertarian municipalism in your country.

Just saw Debbie Bookchin speak in about . Timely since I'm reading a biography of her father.

Interesting talk. Given recent events I hope the region finds a way to retain its autonomy.

Just installed bookstack for use as a private wiki. Initial impression is very positive. Excellent design/UX, fast, easy install via docker:

Of course I'm running it via maelstrom so it only starts when I use it. YAML example here:

Peter Thiel: "capitalism and competition are opposites". p25 of Zero to One.

Good reminder that markets and capitalism aren't the same thing. In fact, maybe they're not even compatible.

Fedora 31 is coming out soon, and uses cgroup v2 by default, which is incompatible with docker. Here's a good guide explaining how to revert back to cgroup v1.

What's the best web server log analysis program these days? I used to use webalizer but surely there's something more modern now.

I don't generally use google analytics and just want something to summarize hit counts, referring links, bandwidth for logs in extended common log format.

I co-host a meetup in Seattle for tech freelancers. We meet every other Monday from 8am-9:30. We use the โ€œlean coffeeโ€ format to rotate through discussion topics.

Given recent wework/meetup pricing shenanigans we are considering moving to an alternate directory, but sadly meetup still has dominant network power..

Anyhow itโ€™s a small but pleasant group. Stop by if youโ€™re interested.

Brightly, a home cleaning worker coop, becomes a franchise -

Home cleaners in the US earn $11/hour. Cleaners at Brightly worker cooperative get $21/hour

Theres a massive expansion of cleaner coops planned through a franchise model


If you're in the Seattle area and want to get out of the house and meet some like minded comrades, please help out at Food Not Bombs.

We distribute food every Sunday at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square (next to the fireman statue). 4:30pm - we run out.. Usually 6pm or so.

All food is vegetarian. Most is vegan. We do food pickups at a few area restaurants. Some folks cook stuff and bring it.

If it's your first time, just show up.

Did a zoom screen share yesterday on Fedora / Wayland and was able to finally share a single display. Thanks to the devs that got that working!

FOSS friends who use : I'm working on an AGPLv3 reverse proxy that starts and stops containers on demand (based on requests via HTTP, "cron", SQS). It does not use .


My goal is to create a way to easily deploy and scale systems with minimal operations effort and complexity.

It's early days but I have one client who plans to put this in prod next month.

I welcome feedback. If you're interested in contributing please reach out.

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