Anyone have some suggestions on folks to follow, books, web sites related to worker owned cooperatives?

I've done freelance software work for years and I'm intrigued by this type of org but haven't found great resources so far on legal structures, bylaws, etc.

@coopernurse There is a Mastodon instance that is run as a co-op ( ), which is if course full of people who care about this topic, so I'm sure you'll find lots of input there.


@colomar thanks for the note. Dumb fediverse question: is there a way to post a message to users on that server? Or do I just hope some of them see it on the federated timeline?

@coopernurse Unfortunately neither posting to a specific instance not reading another instance's local timeline is possible. What you can do is search for people on that instance and follow or mention them.

@mattcropp Thank you for connecting!
I must warn you, though, that while I'm interested in the co-op topic, I'm by no means an expert at all. Others have much more in-depth knowledge than I do.

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