I’m a huge fan of Adam Curtis films (Hypernormalization, Century of Self, etc). Any recommendations of similar filmmakers?

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Two malicious Python libraries caught stealing SSH and GPG keys hackeroo.co/227326

We self-perpetuate the belief in the necessity of a boss when we believe that the only way to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of the boss is to become the boss. But there *are* other paths.

One trait I’ve found shared among those who understand anarchism is a lack of interest in becoming a boss, and a happiness in simply doing the work they do best naturally.

A world where everyone is simply doing the highest Quality thing they can do is possible, and more sustainable than this one.

#Seattle #MendTogether - Mending night at my house, this Wednesday Dec 4, 6:30-9pm.

I provide tea & a light snack, you bring your broken things! We have equipment & scrap bins for textiles, metal, electronics, and bicycles.

In Maple Leaf near bus routes 522, 73, 67; covered secure bike parking. Space requires a few stairs to access & there's a cat.

DM for address / other info.

I'm aiming for 1st & 3rd Wednesdays with these thru the winter, so keep an eye open for future announcements!

idk anything about the fediverse or the internet or open source or programming or computers or etc. other than being raised by the internet, idk anything. incredibly curious about how the whole thing works. how does it all apply within a revolutionary framework. maybe some ppl here can help me learn. we'll see. this seems like a really cool space so far.

I've put up a new web site for Seattle FnB. If anyone wants to join us, we're at Occidental Park every Sunday at 4:30pm


The context.Context type in is an example of an abstraction with a very high power to weight ratio. Very useful.

Been thinking a lot lately about worker and software development.

Worker coops seem hard to structure if the participants have diverse levels of experience and specialization. In that situation a producer coop focused on marketing and lead generation seems more appropriate.

Wrote up some thoughts here - feel free to comment here or on the gist.


Harris and Biden are having a very hard time completing sentences.

If you have an ad hoc group (e.g. food not bombs chapter) and want to accept donations online in the name of the org, what's the best/simplest route to go?

I'm assuming the PayPal/Venmo options require a checking account, and to get one in the org's name we'd need to file a DBA reg with the state. I'm hoping to avoid that level of formality.

I'd like folks to see the org name when they donate vs some random individual in the group.


"Do you want to help build a cooperative movement that is striving to become a lasting alternative to corporate structures and to state structures? Not an adjunct to them, not a subcomponent of them, but a genuinely revolutionary alternative structure that directly challenges them? If your answer is yes, there’s a good chance that you’re an anarchist."


ah yes, rich white people fetishising, disfiguring, and stealing from eastern cultures in order to justify and enact their violation is the same as french weirdos doing blurry landscapes, clearly,

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Opening keynote at SeaGL encouraged folks to start and support cooperatives. Pretty topical. This year's schedule has quite a number of coop, privacy, and decentralization related talks.

is a log file navigator.

lnav is a program which reads log files and displays their combined contents in chronological order. lnav highlights and colorizes relevant or important information, including actions and errors. lnav understands several log formats, can create timestamped logs from any program output, and can filter by regex or SQL.

Website 🔗️: lnav.org/

apt 📦️: lnav

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