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Choosing between different civilizations in the game is a lot like . You know that you are in for a good time with something comfortable and familiar. It's just the little things you need to figure out and master to really understand the civilization (distro).

Looking for opinions/suggestions on, FOSS friendly, kanban board software. Any thoughts?

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@normandc @mike It's good for something....just not long battery life. lol. My most favorite laptop for Linux, so far, has been my Dell Latitude 3340 (i3, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD). It's a potent little package and the battery is good for about 10-12 hrs. It's chromebook sized too.

@normandc @blog @kev @mike Thanks! Yeah, I can't believe how many members have joined, even since I've been here. I wonder if Mike will be able to make good on his offer of a free beer to every new member! 😜

@mike The X1 Carbons are really nice, though. I'm actually considering a newer generation of those for our IT group. You can snag them with the hex core i7 CPUs and 32GB of RAM, with NVMe drives for around $1400.

@mike That's what I struggle with. EVERYTHING else about it is great. Plenty of ports (especially for an ultrabook), great size, screen looks good, etc. Makes it hard to justify an upgrade.

@ndegruchy Well, I was trying to utilize some old hardware we had laying around. The 7400 series was a one off that we had laying around. We already recycled/donated a bunch of the 6400 series and we're nearly done phasing out the 5400 series. Most everyone is either on a Surface Laptop 2/3, a Latitude 3300 series or a Lenovo P53, depending on their role. Might have to just wait for a decent 5400 to come available and refirb it. Kinda stinks because I just snagged the 1080p screen for the 7400.

@ndegruchy Yeah, I pulled a 5400 series and gave it to my daughter for her class meetings. I like it, as well but, it's not as "Ultra" regarding how thin/light it is. 😔

Update to my prior post, regarding the Latitude E7440 revival: Really enjoying how thin and peppy this laptop is. However, the battery life is pretty poor. It's my understanding that it's not necessarily a bad battery but, a pretty common theme with this device (less than 2hrs). Makes me a bit sad as I like everything else about it. I just can't really expect it to be anything more than a mobile workstation (with my power cable close by). 😔

@randynose @blog @kev @mike I've been warned 😜 Thanks for the welcome, Randy.

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It's with absurd levels of excitement that I tell you: I'm a published musician for the first time! This is my band. This is my ongoing dream. CRANK IT UP!

(Listeners of the podcast MAY recognize this....)

Listen on:



Google Play:

Apple Music:

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