pics are starting to roll in! Where's yours? Let's see those desktop environments!

Let's see those toots! You know you hopped distros 1 or 374 times, this week. 😜 Show us where you landed. Let's see those specs and that cool desktop wallpaper.

Ok I'm my way over to (PopOS) and giving it a whirl.

So far, is looking pretty clean but, I've not had time to really explore it. So, here's my toot.

If you haven't had a chance to participate, make sure to share a screen shot of your environment. You can install/run to display stats. In any case, LETS SEE THOSE LINUX DESKTOPS!!! 😀

Just revived a older Dell Ultrabook (Latitude E7440), from the "Pile o' hardware" at work. Upgraded the screen to 1080p and stepped it up to 16GB of RAM. It's a thin, lightweight, Linux Monster. Been taking for a spin and figured I'd participate in this week.

Check it


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