Not only was I able to knock the O2 sensors but, I also upgraded the wife's air intake on her G37. Its been a productive weekend. Oh yeah, I also installed Garuda on one of the laptops. Should be a good time.

Man, the O2 sensors really did need a swap out. Holy carbon build up, Batman!

Just a friendly reminder; you can be your own moderator and mute accounts that you no longer wish to see toots from. We appreciate any/all reports but, in some cases, a simple "mute" might be a better option than suggesting a complete profile block for our instance.

I know several of you would do this. You know who you are...

Our newest family member... Harley. She's a spunky 3 month old American Bando Mastiff. She was for my daughter but, she's growing on me πŸ˜‹

I need someone to 3d print this for my admin duties....


For my birthday, I bestow upon thee, a picture of me flipping burgers with a hand saw

*when you're grilling and forget the spatula but, you have a saw

Obligatory hashtag about 'MERCA....

Ok internet, you win. As of today, I need an alcohol burning, siphon coffee maker in my life. Probably the coolest coffee maker I've seen.

Is this mask approved for the office? Asking for a friend....

Snagged this beautiful little mini bar cabinet/ tea table (clearly, I don't know the official name), today. I picked it up for only $35 and the closest thing I can find is about $500. It's going to make a great little scotch/whiskey/bourbon cabinet. Although, there's a good chance my craft beer glassware will likely make it in there, too.

Ok...let's hear/see those cheesy tech jokes. @brandon already got things rolling with this one:

I know @codeHaiku has a few cheesy dad jokes up his sleeve, too.

Beer and Steak 

Threw down a beautiful top sirloin from Butcher Box and a delicious IPA. The fat marbling is excellent, on this cut, and cooks/smells like butter. Decided to pan sear vs. grill. Came out with a nice rare/med. rare. Bottoms up!

I've seen a few toots and pics from some serious stickerholics out there. Some of you guys have some pretty loaded canvases on the backs of your laptops and devices.

Let's see what you have! Time to show off the collection. Extra points for anyone sporting a sticker. πŸ˜‰

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