On occasion, I swing by the Federated Timeline...take a deep breath...and "nope" right on back over to Local.

@cooper I swing over to the federated tab toake sure I don't keep myself in a bubble. I don't stay there long...

@Mundon @cooper
I go there from time to time when I'm bored. It isn't that bad for me, but that's because over the past few years I've curated it. I muted and blocked a whole lot of accounts and even instances.

@cooper I see it as a useful exploration of the various corners of our society.
But yeah, a lot of literal nazis fighting with self announced commies...

Welcome back!
Here's a warm blanket, a hot chocolate with marshmellows and nice comfy spot. I'm also told there will be puppies later on.
Federated Timeline Trauma (FTT) is a serious thing, so we're treating it the best way possible over here. :D

You should tie a rope around your ankle before you go in there so we can pull you out.

@cooper I'm thankful to be local on fosstadon. There is a lot of nope out there in the Fedi.


It depends on your instance but yeah the federated TL here in Fosstodon is pretty bad.
I guess that it's important to know that a portion of FOSS users/lovers are actually evil...

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