Anyone using Jami? Curious how popular it is throughout the community. If you have used it....any feedback? What devices are you using it on and do you sync it across multiple devices? Are you using it for family, friends, business or all of the above?

I have had it installed on my phone for around 2 years now and i have never used it. I don't know of anyone else who uses it which is psrtly why, but if lile yo try it a bit. It seems quiye intresting

I haven't used it, but am very interested in hearing how reliable it is

@cooper tried it on the pinephone. i like a lot of things about it, especially that it sticks to the ideals of free software more than other projects. unfortunately, after investing effort into getting a few friends and family on telegram some years back, they dont hsve the patience to try yet another software that does the same thing. i hope it gains some traction still.

@cooper I've tried it with a few other fosstodons and unfortunately found the message delivery to be quite unreliable.

That's a shame because the android app itself is nicely done and on paper it looks like a good solution.

@fedops @cooper The whole conversation + file transfer system was reworked recently and is in beta since yesterday (

(This adds history sync across devices, avoid message loses, automatic retried on failed transfer and the possibility to add groups (but there is still no UI yet for this)).

@AmarOk ooohh that's awesome! 👌 I will try that out.

BTW, thanks for your work on Jami! I think it's a great piece of software that's only currently let down by the reliability issues.

@cooper I'm using it on my Linix Desktop as a SIP client to connect to my Fritz!Box so I can receive calls. Mainly internal calls from our door bell so I know/hear when someone rings and can open the door when needed.

I'll be biased, but use it for al of above.

But just a not, history sync across devices is available in beta since yesterday (
It was just contact syncing before

@cooper I've had it for a while but trying to get friends and family to use anything other than whatsapp is difficult. Getting my wife on signal was hard enough. Sadly, most people just don't care about their privacy :(

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