Alright...the OnePlus 6T is in route (again, this is purely for testing and NOT my daily driver, at the moment). Hit me with all your compatible mobile OS suggestions and why you prefer them. If you don't have a preference, hit me with some suggestions for the sake of testing.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I clearly have some research to do and some decisions to make. Nice to see @postmarketOS chiming in, as well. 😀

@cooper It's not in a specially practical shape yet but the 6/6T should both be able to run mainline GNU/Linux distros like Mobian and PostmarketOS so if there is a compatible botloader with multiboot support for it yet that may be worth a try :D For your daily driver needs /e/os or Lineage with MicroG should be a great choice.

@gamey @cooper
I use Lineage OS without Micro-G. Lineage simply has the best support.

@rudolf Much of that actually applies to /e/os to since it's a Lineage fork but unlike Lineage it's fully degoogled and build to also work for normal users with stuff like build in Nextcloud sync and a small free account :D Both are great choices and if you don't need Google play at all you can leave out MicroG without any issue but sadly a ton of apps rely on it.

@rudolf does Lineage support in-place updates, without the need to re-flash a complete new image? I seem to remember in older versions it was essentially nuke&pave?
@gamey @cooper

@fedops I am not totally sure because I don't own any Android device for a while now 🤷‍♂️

@fedops @gamey @cooper
You should look at the XDA forum thread for your device.
I prefer flashing the whole image as that promises a clean system. Should anything nasty manage to sneak in, then it gets wiped away :)

@cooper been messing around with /e/ myself and it's been great so far

@cooper I'm still waiting for someone to make an ARM compatible version of...



@cooper seriously though, I have Mobian on my PinePhone, but now I've seen screenshots of the mobile version of Manjaro running with the KDE Plasma environment I'm asking myself if I can accept a change of Linux flavor just to get KDE Plasma's look on my phone. Far as I know, that environment isn't currently available for Mobian, which shipped with Phosh. Phosh is functional and I'm not knocking it, but man does KDE Plasma look good on a phone!

@zoot @cooper not being able to bring up the keyboard when you need it will cause you to switch back to phosh. That is one very annoying thing about plasma. Phosh also runs much better than plasma, imo.

Many PostmarketOS dens are here. You have the unique opportunity to converse with them if you try it out.

@cooper At we just moved that device to our community category, which means we'll have pre-built images for it once our next stable release is out (due soon!).

Note that in our distribution, it'll use the mainline kernel rather than the downstream one that comes with Android. I'm biased, but I can really recommend it 😉

@cooper I use and very much love ubuntu touch. There's a build in the works for OnePlus 6/6T, but far from ready and not in the installer yet. So not for soon, but maybe later if you still want to test things out.
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