1100 miles from home and my truck throws a bad 02 sensor code....ugh. My kingdom for some tools....

@cooper I could be a bitter Ford owner and ask, "Probably a Chevy then?, but I know it's probably a Ford... 😅

@cooper well, in the spirit of goodwill, I offer my sympathies 😕 It amazes me how stuff like O₂ sensors, been mandatory for so long now, but the design and the location causes them to A) go on the fritz and B) snap when trying to remove them... WTF Big Three? Come on people!

Hope you got home okay, dude? I actually have a soft spot for Suburbans*

* I can and likely will deny I ever said this, especially in the presence of other Ford owners

@zoot @cooper the main problem is that they are particularly vulnerable to the elements being under the car and subject to high temperatures.

Even with the proper tools, they can be a bear to replace.

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