Looking at snagging a spare phone for tinkering and testing mobile operating systems (Lineage, Havoc, etc). If/when I settle on something that I like, I'll likely snag a better or newer device. The OnePlus 3 and 3T appear to be widely compatible with these 3rd party ROMs. They're also have pretty decent hardware specs. Does anyone have experience with either or have feedback (good, bad, or otherwise) as to why I should/should not pick one up for testing?

Thanks for the input, everyone. I ended up sliding up the scale a bit and went with a OnePlus 6T. Seems to be a pretty stout phone for under $150 USD. I'll probably throw together a blog post for the os testing.

@cooper I take it you don't plan using the phone to listen to music much? It has no headphone jack sadly. Apart from that, a fantastic choice.


@danielfgom Yeah, that briefly crossed my mind but, I mostly run Bluetooth earbuds. If I get into a pinch, I can run a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter

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