I came across the One Plus Nord N10, last night. From what I can tell, it's a budget One Plus device for T-Mobile Network customers. The prices for pre-owned devices are pretty reasonable so, I took another look at and it appears to be compatible. Might give it a go and take another swing at Lineage.

@cooper im looking at that or the moto one 5g ace (when it gets Lineage) as my next phone. The N10 should work on VZW and AT&T's LTE networks and *may* support VZW"s DSS 5G. I would need to look at the 5G band support on GSMArena again.

@cooper ok, so how does installing a new os on a phone work? Do you need to renew your phone plan?

@TheFreePenguin @cooper worth an Android device it involves unlocking the bootloader, installing a recovery such as TWRP and then flashing an AOSP build. No need to renew any phone plans.
@TheFreePenguin @cooper also, not every device is able to take advantage of this process. Lately I've used Android devices from Realme, Xiaomi & currently POCO. They tend to be cheaper compared to the Samsungs of the world while still offering good specs for the money. They also tend to get great development support from the community.
@TheFreePenguin @cooper POCO is it's own company now. They just use MIUI still.
@TheFreePenguin @cooper think OPPO & Realme. Realme is no longer owned by OPPO. Same situation.
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