Any Retropie folks out there? Curious if anyone has tossed it on the RP4 with 8gb of RAM. More curious if it'll handle PS1 and Xbox360 games, now. My R3B+ struggles with mid level N64 games and above.

I said Xbox 360 and meant regular Xbox. My mistake. 😂

@cooper N64 games are a bit glitchy even on my Pi4 with 4gb ram. PS1 games are ok.

@cooper Or mod a Wii to play n64 games.

Wed 2021-04-21: hpr3318 currently processing...

@cooper I'm still not offer the concept that playstation is already retro :p

@SyntaxError @cooper bah, I still kind of think of everything that has 3D graphics as new :p

@sotolf @cooper I've a games room full of consoles and devices, but always defer back to Super Fantasy Zone on the RetroPi when I can't think of anything else to play

@cooper PS1 may be possible, but Xbox360 is totally out of the question. We can't even emulate most X360 games on a PC

@cooper PS1 games run fine, especially the turn based ones. Even games with fast action are mostly playable. I had no problem getting through titles like Castlevania: Symphony of The Night, Gran Turismo 2, Crash Bandicoot 3, et cetera. N64 games seem to be more down to the title... sticking to the turn based ones is mostly advisable.

@cooper Xbox 360 is simply out of picture, even on PC Xenia is still at its first steps... PS1 emulation on the other hand is really good ;)

@cooper n64 emulation is still in a bad shape compared to other platforms

@cooper Sort of a big jump between the PS1 and 360? That's two whole generations right there.

@cooper I've had fair luck with PS1 games, but I've not touched Retropie for a bit. Didn't know there was an Xbox emulator for it. That intrigues me, and makes me want to get a 4 and try it.

@cooper batocera would be better for ps1 games as they have gone 64bit and also added vulkan support
having tested duckstation with vulkan it's way ahead of pcsxR in terms of everything

xbox 360 games i don't think any arm device would ever run those

that's pretty high level emulation

with retropie you can setup steam link and stream games to it from your computer using steam

on the pi4 everything is a tradeoff

batocera has cool things but is missing things

same with retropie

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