Well, I officially deleted my Facebook account, today. Although I've not used it for a couple years, I've not officially flipped the switch until today. From what I understand, I have to maintain some sort of regular account in order to manage a couple pages/groups that I have so, I made a new one that's pretty sterile and deleted the old.

Feels nice to finally check that one off the ol' list of things to do. 😀

@cooper I figured people on there would know where to find me if there was anything important, or that my family would relay the same. The only loss suffered was seeing a subconscious belief that I was connected to several people beyond what fb enabled. /shrug

@cooper It took me awhile even though i didnt use it almost at all as well. Glad you flipped the switch :)

@cooper did the same last year and haven't missed it once.

@cooper I decided "in for a penny, in for a pound", so when I deleted my FB & Messenger account a year ago I took a deep breath and deleted my pages and groups as well. Turns out they weren't as important as I thought they were, and business remains good.

@cooper Nice. I did the same a month ago. The only 'consequence' has been that people forgot my birthday. But that is no big deal to me.

@cooper Thank you, you just reminded me that I have a Facebook account I’ve never used and that I have to delete it

@cooper So, you deleted a FB account and crreated a new one.... hmmzzz..... that's hardly #deletefacebook

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