Longer form post why I'm considering new hardware. Hopefully you can help...?


@kev Based on your use/needs, I'd upgrade both systems. Grab a decent/lower power laptop like a Pinebook. Since you're not gaming, you can forgo the cost of an expensive GPU, and focus on more of a "workstation" setup. You can get some amazing deals on older dual Intel Xeon motherboards and CPUs that would last you a long time. Maybe a Supermicro board, dual x5675 processors (which would yield 12 cores/24 threads) and a mountain of DDR3 ECC ram.

@kev It would eat all the coding you could throw at it. Not to mention, you'd have plenty of resources to spin up virtual machines for different distros and other operating systems. Board would like run you $80-$120. CPUs would be $25/each. Ram is about $10 for an 8gb stick and you could load it with a few hundred gb. (Edit: I should have clarified that the dual Xeons setup would be for the desktop)

@cooper ahhh man. What are you doing to me?!! I hadn’t even considered something like this!

@kev Pro level move 😉

I can help you source stuff if it's the path you decide to take. 😋

@cooper @kev Ahhh! Now you've got it stuck in my brain!

I was idly pricing out a beefier server to potentially replace my Pi. But that sounds cheaper and faster.



@nathand @kev yeah, I have a couple boxes on this same platform, that I use for virtual machines. I have plenty of newer kit but, I really like the cost vs. performance of the LGA1366 Xeons. I run all kinds of VMs, gaming servers, and other stuff off of them.

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