As recently mentioned, Fosstodon is preparing to make 2 donations to a couple of open source projects, in the amount of $200 each. We need our Fosstodon members' input on where to send those donations. Use the below link to submit the info for an open source project that you'd like us to support!

We'll stop taking submissions, on 6/26. At that time, our Fosstodon Patreons will vote on those submissions and narrow it down to 2 entries.

We like #Fedilab a lot. The developer is doing a great job and appears to be going flat out. To support that work might be good so it functions without crashing across all current and legacy OSes.

Another hand on deck might help too. Maybe a code-cleanup effort might do the trick?

A #graphicDesigner and/or #UI/#UX person might be good to involve in the project to help refine it also.

Its so big a project due to all the variables. We think money spent here would be well spent.

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