Regarding our support for open source projects: If you're interested in having a say on where the donations will go, you can sign up to become a Patreon, using the link below.

A HUGE "thanks!" to all of our current Patreons, as we wouldn't be able to do this awesome stuff without you guys!

What about your #Liberapay supporters? (Which I think I still am even though I'm not on Fosstodon anymore)

@oranje Hey, bud. We can definitely get you in on it if you're supporting via that route. Liberapay makes it tough on us because it doesn't track who donates. Fire me over a screen shot or thereabout, and we can work it in.

Oh, man, I wasn't asking for me. I was asking for the few Liberapay people I know. Since I screwed up, I feel I don't have a voice

@oranje Screwed up?! You can always come back over, man. We kept your seat warm. 🙂

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