So, you've joined Fosstodon and are wondering, "now, how does this work?"

One thing that sets Fosstodon apart from traditional social media outlets (and some other instances) is the community's willingness to help and offer valuable feedback. This is especially true with new members.

Please don't hesitate to raise a hand (toot) and ask questions. If you prefer some reading material, @kev has written a great article to help you get started:

@cooper 🖐I have a question!
What is that first sticker in your username?


@tobtobxx @kev I believe they are 2 different distros (Solus Budgie and Ubuntu Budgie).

@cooper @kev Nice article!

I'm working on a general fediverse guide, and have some similar content up already. I'm looking to get some contributors to make something to convince others to join federated services. Would you have any interest in sharing some of your masto knowledge?

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