A big "welcome!" to all of our new members. It's great to see all the new faces and the steady flow of introductory toots!

For those members (new and old) that don't know, is full of information that is relative to our instance. From staff members to our Code of Conduct, you can find more information about Fosstodon! Make sure to check it out and, if you haven't already done so, make your first toot and tell us a bit about yourself.

@cooper although I’m not on your instance (decided to self-host my own), I did create an account just to see how Mastodon worked. I did find some interesting people on Fosstodon that I’m currently following!

@jrtashjian Yeah, we have a pretty diverse and interesting group of members. Definitely worth following and engaging. 😃

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Fosstodon is an English speaking Mastodon instance that is open to anyone who is interested in technology; particularly free & open source software.