With Mastodon having a few years under it's belt now, how are your friends/family reacting to you using it vs. the traditional social media outlets? Have you been able to convince anyone to come over and check it out or start using it exclusively? What are the arguments that you're hearing for using Facebook/IG/Twitter, etc. over Mastodon?

@cooper joining is my experience. Got my PhD student to join as well but no family.

Now is the time to try and grow for alternatives to the big commercial platforms. Student of mine is going to do a survey on what keeps people from switching. Will try to get her to post results in this thread (early Sept.) Folks, please keep answers coming as this will inform her questions as well as @cooper 's activities.


@AlexVoss That's great to hear! I can't wait to see what information she gathers. Hopefully, she can utilize some of the responses, from here.

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