With Mastodon having a few years under it's belt now, how are your friends/family reacting to you using it vs. the traditional social media outlets? Have you been able to convince anyone to come over and check it out or start using it exclusively? What are the arguments that you're hearing for using Facebook/IG/Twitter, etc. over Mastodon?

I am only two months here, and haven tried yet, my really close family does not use Facebook nor Twitter, my wife likes Instagram and the accounts she follows there (mostly commercial) will never be on Mastodon.

For sharing contente between us we use email, or Telegram groups.

@cooper I never got into Twitter/IG I was on the fediverse in the days. I haven't deleted my Facebook account for occasional contact with people that are only available there. Also so that I can reach them when we have a good replacement for Facebook when we have a reasonable replacement for it. (Open for suggestions on that one)

@cooper I think the perception of Mastodon is that it's an interlinked mass of groups with specific interests.

Taking Fosstodon as an example, we focus on Free Software and Operating Systems.

Twitter is a mess of voices shouting in the void and facebook is a curated open space with support for niche groups.

It's easy for people to choose between facebook and Twitter but not so for Mastodon.

I think that Mastodon needs an umbrella layer to emulate a generic timeline on top of the instances.

@cooper sadly, none of my family bar me use it. However, I have convinced a good few of them to get onto signal. We're getting there!

@freddyym Same here! My circles hardly use Twitter, so, Mastodon wasn't something I could recommend. They are moving to Signal though and that's great to see! @cooper

@arunsathiya yeah, no-one in my family uses Twitter either, they do use Instagram sadly.

@cooper I've been here for a couple months now but I haven't convinced anyone to join me. I just get eyerolls whenever I try to tall about the benefits.


they just dont know i'm on mastodon. I just plainly explain that even though I have facebook, I may see messages couple of years after they send it.

They now get it that the only way to reach me with success is by using email, sms/signal, phone

I never used twitter except as a RSS feed, no one knows I'm there

My wife/kids know i'm on some obscure social platform though :P

I do try to educate my kids to the danger of privacy intrusion. My oldest start to gets it.

My wife has an account but doesn't use it. One friend tried to create an account at but didn't get accepted (or filled out the application wrong or something)

Pretty much all other conversations have been fruitless/pointless

@cooper no joy so far. most of them are still on fb or whatapp. will keep trying. 😊

@cooper No one I know will go on here, they call it nerd twitter.

I have never heard a good argument for using facebook.

Twitter makes more sense, it's the simple network effect. People in their field of work or interest are on there.

@cooper I doubt my country even has 100 mastodon users. It would be interesting to tell them to use it, when they can't find any thing on it. English is not our language, so for them it would be very alien.

@parasurv @cooper same situation in Denmark. I have not found an instance with mainly Danish posts - and as long there is no such, I doubt my family has any interest.

I'm slowly working on converting people 😈 Still trying to figure out the best way to natively grow this instance. I've found so many new friends and people I like to follow on here though!

A lot of people don't like the idea that an admin can pack up shop and they can lose everything they've done on that instane. I'm trying to help change their mindset and understand that you shouldn't rely on this stuff regardless of it being mastodon, FB, IG, etc.

I stil have a FB account. Purely for messaging a select few I don't want to lose contact with and haven't switched to anything else.

I guess that in my case the main problem is always the user base, when I try to get someone into mastodon they don't see the point if "everybody uses something else"

I had several accounts on different instances, but I always end up forgeting it. I have no other social media account but I use Reddit and Youtube without interracting. Either social networks are just not for me nor I didn't find the perfect instance for me. (To illustrate, this is literrally my first message on Mastodon ever)
But as I beleive in decentralized networks I still try to convince people to use Mastodon instead of Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc

But most of the time I get ignored.
A common response that I get is "there is some people that I can only communicate with via Facebook" and I most of the time I reply that you don't have to make some efforts to stay on a platform with them if they are not able to use another tool for you.

A part of my family is not verry happy with that so I told them "I have a Matrix and a Telegram account, if you are not willing to use that, I have a phone number and a email address" and that's all. I will not give away my privacy for some people that don't care about it.

As a comparison, I successfully convinced about 20 people to use Matrix.

Social media hopping 

@cooper Closest family is reachable via Signal. Still keep WhatsApp but shielded using Shelter app.

Deleted FB and IG. Deleted tweets but holding on to my handle to avoid impersonators.

Mastodon used to be filled with a lot of meta posts in its early days. A lot of self praise and instructions for newcomers like me. Posts were often incoherent. Now it has reduced. I also see a network of people developing around me and that is cool. Could not convince many to signup here.

@cooper joining is my experience. Got my PhD student to join as well but no family.

Now is the time to try and grow for alternatives to the big commercial platforms. Student of mine is going to do a survey on what keeps people from switching. Will try to get her to post results in this thread (early Sept.) Folks, please keep answers coming as this will inform her questions as well as @cooper 's activities.

@AlexVoss That's great to hear! I can't wait to see what information she gathers. Hopefully, she can utilize some of the responses, from here.

@cooper I already didn't use Facebook and as far as I'm aware no one in my family uses Twitter, so it's made literally no difference. We're a very quiet folk :-p

@cooper My SO loves to scroll endlessly on FB and instagram, a slave to the algorithm. She’s coming around now and at least admits she’s doesn’t WANT to use them. Facebook could be deleted and forgotten, but she uses IG for all information.
I’ve convinced her that the future is decentralized services and internet, so she’s interested. I’m hoping between mastodon and pixelfed she can find a replacement

@cooper pretty every other reply here sums up my experience as well. People in my circles largely do not care about privacy or have any interest in FOSS. It would be an uphill battle getting them to even look at mastodon.

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