Looking for a password manager. Anyone have any recommendations?

@cooper KeePass (KeepPassXC to be exact). Others might suggest pass, but it doesn't encrypt site names and other metadata (which is almost as important as the data) so I wouldn't recommend it

@cooper If you have an Android Phone, Password Keeper from BlackBerry is very good.

@cooper I use Pass - nice simple but effective utility. Data stays in your hands. Not held by anyone else. Can be synced between devices using standard file share. Eg unison and nextcliud

@cooper KeePassXC. It's cross-platform and there's a good android version: Keepass2Android


> Looking for a password manager. Anyone have any recommendations?

I'm also a big fan of —in fact, I like it so much that I moddled passgen, , the password generator I wrote, after pass (and made it easy to pipe the generated paswords straight into pass (or other, similar password managers))

@cooper I have been using KeePass for some years. I have recently to selfhosted Bitwarden (with bitwarden_rs)

I preferred KeePass but I am still giving a chance to Bitwarden

@cooper Probably an unpopular opinion around here, but honestly, I like LastPass.

@cooper Check repos for something open source that's available for your preferred operating system, like Password Safe, Password Gorilla...

@cooper I really like the masterpassword algorithm: being stateless does a lot for my peace of mind, tbh

@cooper Bitwarden, it's FLOSS and you can also self-host it if you wish.

@cooper I use Keepass and its variants. GPL. Local DB, not cloud, and you can sync the DB file using whatever solution you want. There are applications for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and probably iOS too, though I haven't looked.

On my phone, KeePass DX; on my computer, KeePass XC.

@cooper I use KeePassXC. It seems a bit meh at first if you're used to the convenience of options like LastPass, but once you make some custom auto type settings for the sites that don't work with the default, and download favicons to make the password list a bit prettier, it's nice. I also have it auto type in my 2nd factor (TOTP).

For Android I use Keepass2Android.

@cooper I use KeePassXC and syncthing to make sure I have an up to date copy of the file.

@cooper I started using Bitwarden months ago. Love it. Check it out.

@cooper Enpass. Works on any Plattform without a hassle. And syncs via webDAV, it's possible to use Nextcloud. No third party needed

@cooper KeePassXC for desktop, KeePassDX for phone, database synced through Nextcloud (or other host), keyfiles stored locally.

@cooper keepassxc. Not a fan of giving my passwords a web ui.

@cooper I use, but only because I have an account for work. I was hoping you'd get some replies, because I've never looked into alternatives.

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