Recently, I had asked for input on blue light blocking glasses to use at work. Several suggestions were made and ultimately, I ended up trying 2 different pairs of glasses. The first pair worked but, the lenses were made of resin and smudged easily. The other pair (see pics) has lenses constructed from poly-carbonate. They run around $40 but, the lens quality is much better. I'm very happy with the purchase and noticing a big difference. 😃 Thank you for all your input.

Last night was my first time trying Turkish Coffee. I was very impressed with how smooth it was for such a stout little brew. The Turkish Delight was a great compliment. I'm a fan. 😃

Just found a great little sticker pack! Sorry for the shortened URL. The original was a few hundred characters. It's a Redbubble privacy sticker pack. Featuring KeePass, Duck Duck Go, Tor, Protonmail, Keebase, Brave browser and bitcoin. I figured you'd guys appreciate this one. @kev @mike @codesections

Recent addition to the gaming rig. Should help with some more of these demanding titles, like Star Citizen, to cut down the object load times.

1TB Samsung PM963 NVMe

It's amazing what one tiny hole in a filter screen can do. This little guy caused my cylinders to misfire which rendered the truck nearly useless. A few beers, a few hours, and some quality time with a helpful buddy turned this little pain into a Saturday we'll spent. She purrs like a kitten, now.

Looking for a password manager. Anyone have any recommendations?

Finally upgrading my laptop backpack to something a little nicer and more heavy duty. I ordered a SWISSGEAR Travel Gear 1900. The reviews seemed pretty solid. Has anyone used one of these or have any experience with it?

I'm looking at picking up some additional drives for my NAS (primarily PLEX media storage). What brands/models of drives do you prefer, and why? Are you a fan of Toshiba N300s, WD Reds, Seagate Ironwolfs, HGST Ultrastars, or something else? Just looking for some input from the Mastodon Family.

Finally ironed out an issue I was having with my UnRaid NAS. Now, my media is transferring and she's chugging along. I've had UnRaid for a while but, just now had a chance to tinker with it. Really enjoying it. It's also my first experience with dockers and the concept is growing on me.

Has anyone out there used Resilio Sync? Curious what you thought about it....

Reaching out to my Mastodon family for some recommendations. I'm looking to pickup some blue light blocking glasses (non-prescription) for general PC usage. My eyesight is still solid but, my eyes do seem get fatigued due to years of staring at a monitor during work and personal time. Some models run $20 while other are $200. Other than pure style preference, does anyone have an opinion as to the quality of some brands over others? Any personal experience?

Anyone have a link to a good deal on some preflashed controllers/cards with LSI firmware? I took a swing at flashing a Perc H310 and appear to have failed miserably. My new Plex server is collecting dust. 😭

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To the person who just sent us a substantial donation of $60 - thank you so much. It's people like you and our Patron who help to keep the lights on at Fosstodon HQ.

Goddam, we love our members!

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On a good day, put together a little self-care package you can pull out for bad days. Include a few things you know will help.

Anyone else running Windows 10 LTSB in their home setup? Just swapped over to it and enjoying how seemingly better/cleaner it runs. Curious if anyone else has noticed the same.

A tag line on a vendor's email signature that made me chuckle 😂

"No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced."

Whipping up a batch of homemade elderberry syrup. Smells like death but, works like a charm. (insert Monty Python jokes about mothers smelling like elderberries, here)

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