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After trying to get to work with , I ended up with an unbootable system. At least I have running on a side laptop with graphics. The installation on a machine with is very drawn out compared to other distros. My new distro of choice for my main rig is . Everything just installed and works. It has a pure look and feel. There is a void for a semi-rolling, distro with support. Until then, I will do . Well done, System76!

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Thanks everyone. Only 502 followers still needed to pass our own Twitter account!

Looks like we're decommissioning a bunch of NUCs, at work. Need some home use ideas. Unfortunately, I have probabily solved most of the "needs" with all my VMs but, we can still brainstorm. 😀

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Filming while driving. Don't do it, kids. I'm a professional idiot on an open course full of dangerous and unpredictable other drivers.

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So question for the Fedi. Anyone want to recommend HDD for my NAS?

I was thinking around 6 or 12TB total capacity. So far I been sticking with raid 1.

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To very little fanfare, I would like to welcome The Meta Blog to the Internet...

My very first TOR relay hits the full guard rotation period (68 days active), tomorrow. I've donated roughly 200Mb/s (25Mib/s), with no monthly limit, to the project as a guard relay. Curious how I should celebrate the achievement. I'm relatively modest but, I think it deserves, at minimum, a quarantine beer. 😋 Any thoughts?

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Expanding the Patriot Act to allow warrantless surveillance of browsing activity threatens everyone's right to privacy. As a Swiss company, Proton is not subject to US law, and the encryption we use in ProtonMail, @protonvpn, and @ProtonCalendar helps keep your data private.

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I wrote my first blog post 😊

Thanks @kev @mike and the others for the inspiration!

Feedback is highly appreciate 😃

Haven't been on or posted in a while....just busy with life. Unfortunately had to unfollow Hackernews as it was clogging up my feed but, I'm interested in scrolling back a week or so to see what everyone has been up to. Looks like there are some shenanigans afoot with from what I'm seeing.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Thanks for doing what you do.

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Questions to supporter and potential supporter that like to donate:

1. Which issues did you came across, that could solve if we change something?
2. Could you imagine to become a regular supporter, if we would change something about the donation process? What is hindering you, that we could improve?
3. Do you prefer regular or one time donations?

, The Amnesic Incognito Live System is .

You can download, use, and share it with no restrictions. Forever!

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Day 15 of the Challenge!

Today I'm taking a quick and shallow look at .pub. Is this the product that's going to replace in my app list? Hard to say at the moment, but I'll be keeping an eye on things.

Shameless plug: We're having an Eco Server Launch for Earth Day 2020. Come join us for a 90 day collaboration run on Eco. Freshly generated planet. Launch takes place on April 22, 2020. for more info. for chatter. Would be great to see some of the Masto Family representing.

If you're not familiar with Eco, it's a PC game (that runs on Linux too ;-) ). for more details.

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A slice of pie is $2.75 in Jamaica and $2.50 in the Dominican Republic.

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

Just revived a older Dell Ultrabook (Latitude E7440), from the "Pile o' hardware" at work. Upgraded the screen to 1080p and stepped it up to 16GB of RAM. It's a thin, lightweight, Linux Monster. Been taking for a spin and figured I'd participate in this week.

Check it @oranje

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I am ready to devote to a new cause and start something that brings cheer in this time of fear. Join me in bringing joy to our favorite instance, . I hope you will join me and contribute one a day until depletion of all known dad jokes. I bet we can outlast . Laughter is the best medicine and here it is free.

My linux laptop just became 1000% cooler. Was just introduced to this, by a friend. Just played GTAV on my laptop, streaming directly from my gaming rig. Now, all that awful business trip down time is useful!!!

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