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Digging through a massive codebase for a web app (when I don't understand web development in the slightest) to figure out what piece of code handles an API call so that I can potentially fix an XSS vulnerability.

Today was one of those days that felt extremely busy, but I also feel like I didn’t actually *accomplish* anything.

Zoom meetings freak out my laptop like no other. I really dislike when that's the platform companies go with...

Tuesday status: uploading a 200 MB file through my janky double-NAT network and via a shaky VPN connection.

First I loaded my coffee maker with coffee and water, but then didn't bother closing it. After realizing this 5 minutes later with no coffee, I closed the lid but didn't turn it on. Another 5 minutes, and I finally have coffee brewing. This is clearly the type of day where I need it. 😅

People in the Emerald League in Duolingo aren’t messing around. I thought I was crushing it doing around 150 XP per day.

Not that the ranks or pacing actually matter; it’s just an observation.

I literally just spent 2 hours trying to figure out why I couldn't make an API call work in code while it was working in Postman. I kept getting back a very generic "invalid_client" error that lots of people online seemed to be getting for all sorts of reasons. I tried everything I could think of... before realizing that I was passing the base URL to the call instead of the variable holding the base URL with *all of the parameters appended*.

I think it's time to call it quits for today...

I can only assume that my neighbors think I’m completely insane when they hear me sitting on my deck doing Swedish lessons online.

Opening a support case with a vendor first thing on a Monday morning. My week already sucks. 👍

I’m preemptively not ready for work tomorrow.

Wrote a new blog post, migrated one of my websites as I decommission my VPS, and did a bunch of reading. Today was a pretty solid day with a good mix of relaxation and productivity.

I've had a lazy and relaxing morning. Hopefully a little later on I'll put together a new blog post and do some reading.

The batteries in my smoke detectors die exclusively in the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep.

Added speedtest-cli to my laptop, and I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. The web app is always janky for me.

The script I'm currently testing now has a 36 minute wait time to complete everything between executions. I ran through my daily Duolingo stuff during the last run. I guess during this one I'll play the Geoguessr daily.

There's nothing quite like finding a bug in your code while trying to demo it for a new hire. 👍

And by "finding a bug" I mean it crashed.

I finally put together a blog post I've been meaning to write for about a week. I *really* need to be more consistent with my writing. I have plenty of topics to write about; I just need to make the time to actually write.

As a fan of zombie-related media, Alive was a decent film. I’m glad I got to watch it before letting my Netflix subscription lapse again.

I woke up far later than I expected, but that just means I’m spending my early afternoon reading and drinking coffee instead of doing that in the morning.

Since I spent literally the entire day yesterday being a complete bum in front of Netflix, this morning I opted to be a bit more productive by writing a blog post and doing some reading. I need to break out of the habit of waking up on the weekend and immediately kicking back in front of the TV; the inertia is likely to keep me there for the better part of the day.

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