Yikes, when I switched nameservers yesterday for one of my domains, apparently my sub-domains did not get migrated.

Fortunately I didn't have too many. I just need to log in to my VPS provider and get the IP addresses so that I can recreate those records.

Gotta love starting Monday off right.

I asked two people a yes/no question so that I can complete their request, and neither response was yes/no.

I watched the first two films in the Baztán Trilogy tonight (The Invisible Guardian and The Legacy of the Bones) and really enjoyed them. I’m looking forward to watching the final film, Offering to the Storm.

Patiently waiting for DNS caches to expire on my NS records.

TIL that it's super easy to convert an MP4 into a GIF with ffmpeg.

@snowdusk I agree! 🎉

I did end up doing a couple of productive things for work, but not much. Now I'm on the couch watching movies. 😅

@floehopper Thanks again for the recommendation! I checked out a few options, and dnsimple seems to have the cleanest API available.

I should be productive today, but I kind of want to kick back and be lazy. Maybe I can find a nice middle ground between the two.

TIL that replying to yourself on Mastodon doesn't generate a new notification. However, someone else happened to reply to one of my earlier toots and allowed me to test my client's ability to favorite toots from the notification feed regardless.

It works! Now to reply to myself so that I can try to favorite something out of my notifications.

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Let's see if I can fav something through this...

I'm looking to move DNS servers for one of my domains to something with better API support. The Namecheap API is mildly terrifying since adding a new record overwrites the existing ones.


I haven't updated my blog in a week; I should fix that this weekend, especially since I have a couple of post ideas that I've been sitting on.

Hoping to work on my Go-based CLI Mastodon client this weekend. If I do anything tomorrow, it'll be my first ever week with commits every day.

I had a nice day with a socially distant off-site meeting with my boss and a coworker for some planning sessions. We went to the experimental farm/small taproom for a local-ish brewery (I had to drive an hour and a half) and sat in lawn chairs in the shade of a tree on the hillside with no one else around for the afternoon.

Neat, I just learned I can use nmap to check the TLS versions a remote system is using:

nmap --script ssl-enum-ciphers -p 443 domain

Just had a review for the findings of a pentest my company had done on one of our products. The results were actually not as bad as I had expected.

I got my Fosstodon stickers in the mail today! I'll be saving at least one for my new laptop that I should hopefully be getting in a little over a month.

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