I was attempting to find a quick, lightweight way to resize images on my Pinebook Pro so that I could use them in blog posts. I stumbled across Imagemagick. It's a slick little CLI utility that even has HEIF support!

I was dreading the thought of opening GIMP on this laptop, so I'm glad I found something much less... intense.

@consoleaccess FYI its also a pretty robust image processing library with bindings in many scripting languages

@splatt9990 I've been looking at the documentation, and it's insane the amount that this utility can do. I really only need it for image resizing at the moment, but it's good to know that it can do plenty more if the need arises.

@consoleaccess you know those meme generator websites? Pretty much just a small wrapper around imagemagick

@consoleaccess Imagemagick is used as a base library in most image editing applications. Check out "Fred's Image Magick Scripts"

@artyr3 I can’t believe I didn’t even know it was a thing. Amazing what basic things you can learn on a whim.


> I stumbled across Imagemagick. It's a slick little CLI utility that even has HEIF support!…

Are we talking about the same imagemagick? The one with 10 different subcommands, each with their own bevy of options and flags? The one whose manual pages run to over 11k words?

...don't get me wrong – I think is a great program. But I don't think I'd ever call it a "little CLI" :D

@codesections For sure. It’s “little” in the sense of footprint, not functionality. I feel like the way I described it is selling it short while giving it a compliment. 😅

@codesections @consoleaccess I feel like ImageMagick can’t be mentioned without some sort of title. Like “lord of image manipulation, last of its line, creator of Memes…”

@consoleaccess Oh my goodness. You're talking about, basically, the underpinning for most graphical operations on sites. Between ImageMagick and GD, you've covered pretty much all of it.

It's a fantastic program that I donate to on occasion, because they obviously don't get paid enough. The Herculean task they allow us mere mortals to achieve with a few command-line switches is just crazy.

Fred's scripts are also worth checking out:

@consoleaccess There is also GraphicsMagick which is a more modern fork of ImageMagick.

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