I'm amazed that, for a device designed to be a mobile podcasting solution, virtually none of the reviews so much as mention the battery life that it gets. I'm trying to figure out if our battery life being well under the manufacturer estimate was an anomaly with our batteries or if others are seeing the same behavior. It's been difficult to find any information one way or another, though.

@consoleaccess Usually when someone doesn't mention something as a pain point, it means it's not really a problem. At least this is the case for something that's got moderately widespread usage

@brandon That’s what I’m thinking. I eventually found *one* review mentioning getting 3.5 hours, which stands out to me because it’s not the number from the manufacturer (4 hours), so they didn’t just copy it. Seems like our batteries are the most likely culprit.

@consoleaccess I would write the manufacturer if it deviates even just half an hour of the time if it's not something like a smartphone where there's a huge variation in the amount of time a battery *could* last

@consoleaccess I recently heard the saying that "batteries were once the salvation of technology, now they're the villain." Can't help but agree, especially considering the wide-open opportunity for planned obsolence through them.

@consoleaccess Battery testing takes too much time, so most reviewers simply don't care enough.

@albi I would normally agree, but our setup died in about an hour. I figure even the laziest reviewer would have to hit that if they saw the same behavior.

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