TIL I can use:

grep -rnw . -e 'stringToSearch'

To recursively search a directory for any files containing the string I'm looking for. Super useful when I need to find a function but don't recall what file it's in.

@consoleaccess lol I've opened vscode on a directory just to use that kind of search before :p

Now alias that to something like `sif` for Search In File and it'll be perfect. Or maybe even put it into a script ;p

@brandon The alias is a great idea because I can guarantee that I won't remember the specifics of that command. In fact, half of the reason I made that toot is so that I would have a reference in the future. 😅

@consoleaccess just remember to backup the alias file or hell, your entire home directory :p

@consoleaccess you should check out ripgrep. You get -r, -n, and . by default, color output, ignores vcs-ignored files, too. Plus, it’s faster. VSCode integrated it, and the binary name is just rg, so you don’t really need an alias to use it well.

@consoleaccess another useful option for grep: -C <x>. It shows x number of lines around the match. It's great if you're searching a log for errors and getting the whole error, not just the first line ( also comes with -A (after) and -B (before) which also take a number and show that many lines after and before each match respectively)

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