I really dislike booting my Windows VM, both because it means I have to use Windows for something and because my laptop freaks out.

And now it's trying to install an update when I went to shut it down... 😭

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@consoleaccess same here... tons of effort just so Visual Studio can stop responding periodically

@kiri Yikes, Visual Studio in a VM must be rough. 😬

Mercifully, I typically only need to fire up the VM for things I do that require the old, Windows version of PowerShell (v5) that don't work in cross-platform PowerShell 7. Those are fairly rare.

@consoleaccess aaah windows, love it.

You could disable the update service if you want btw

@brandon Good point. My inner security nerd hates to leave it unpatched, but I should only toggle it on when I have the time walk away from my laptop and let it churn through updates.

@consoleaccess precisely how I have my VM setup 👌

Otherwise I'd be waiting 3 hours every time I boot up the VM once in a blue moon

I have a Windows 10 computer specifically for testing and gaming. If feels like everytime I have a test I need to plan an hour or two ahead to make sure it pulls all the updates.

@ramob I also used to have a dedicated gaming machine that was running Windows. For better or for worse, when I was playing games I did it frequently enough that I could account for Patch Tuesday.

@consoleaccess when I was playing games more it was plugged in more often less of an issue. But now-a-days I've mostly been taking notes on my Linux box or pinebook.

@ramob That makes sense. I don't have any hardware running Windows now, hence the occasional and unfortunate need for the VM.

@consoleaccess I've been tempted to try running it in a VM and flash that computer but I'm not sure if it would run their programs right/if there would be enough extra jitter for them to call me out.

@ramob @consoleaccess disable updates, have an AV

Not having the W updates for a gaming/testing machine is not the end of the world, especially if it's not on the open internet so 🤷‍♂️

@brandon @consoleaccess

Sorry should have specified. Testing was not for the fun type in this instance. It's proctored internet testing for school/certs. During those it's connected to the internet sometimes downloading extra programs. Other than the tests it's usually airgapped though.

I have :popos: on SSD and :windows: on HDD. I never boot into :windows: because I installed it when I needed it for school project.
Now I keep it so that there will be one more Windows system that is outdated. Who knows, maybe it will continue from an update when I finally boot it 😜

Last time i boot mine it started an update and after that broke completly, had to reinstall. Thanks to Affinity Designer for not creating a Linux version.

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