I’m preemptively not ready for work tomorrow.

Wrote a new blog post, migrated one of my websites as I decommission my VPS, and did a bunch of reading. Today was a pretty solid day with a good mix of relaxation and productivity.

I've had a lazy and relaxing morning. Hopefully a little later on I'll put together a new blog post and do some reading.

The batteries in my smoke detectors die exclusively in the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep.

Added speedtest-cli to my laptop, and I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. The web app is always janky for me.

The script I'm currently testing now has a 36 minute wait time to complete everything between executions. I ran through my daily Duolingo stuff during the last run. I guess during this one I'll play the Geoguessr daily.

There's nothing quite like finding a bug in your code while trying to demo it for a new hire. 👍

And by "finding a bug" I mean it crashed.

I finally put together a blog post I've been meaning to write for about a week. I *really* need to be more consistent with my writing. I have plenty of topics to write about; I just need to make the time to actually write.

As a fan of zombie-related media, Alive was a decent film. I’m glad I got to watch it before letting my Netflix subscription lapse again.

I woke up far later than I expected, but that just means I’m spending my early afternoon reading and drinking coffee instead of doing that in the morning.

Since I spent literally the entire day yesterday being a complete bum in front of Netflix, this morning I opted to be a bit more productive by writing a blog post and doing some reading. I need to break out of the habit of waking up on the weekend and immediately kicking back in front of the TV; the inertia is likely to keep me there for the better part of the day.

Slowly, patiently waiting for a fresh Windows 10 install to patch for work. I'm so glad I rarely have to do this these days.

I successfully refactored another script today in order to make it significantly more effective. It's now making 1 API call for every 100 API calls it previously made. Yeah... it was *that* bad. 😅

I just had to revisit a script I wrote about 6 months ago. I almost immediately realized I set this up in the worst way possible, and that I was making about 3 times the number of API calls that I actually needed. A little refactoring, and now it's much better. As a bonus, it now executes in about a 3rd of the time that it previously took.

How am I just now realizing that Vultr's web portal has a dark mode? 😍

I really don't understand how, in a professional context, some people are *so* bad at communication.

If you're sending a brand new email with zero context, maybe using pronouns for literally everything is a bad idea?

I spent part of the morning researching how to add our VOIP system into our monitoring solution. I finally had a grasp on what to do and kicked off the wizard to add a new system to monitor... only to get a message that it was already being monitored. Apparently one of my coworkers added it.

I really should've checked that first. 😅

I would have preferred to not have to troubleshoot my home network first thing after waking up this morning, but it's now fixed. And it wasn't actually a problem with the network.

My new stickers shipped!

Now I just need my new laptop that I have pre-ordered to ship so I have something to put them on.

Mothica's first album, Blue Hour, dropped today. I know what I'm going to be listening to for the next very long amount of time.

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