When "Why didn't my tar command get one of the files I specified?" turns into "Oh, it *did* include the file, and I didn't actually understand how tar works."

After spending the last month testing out a light mode theme as my daily driver, the results are in.


I typically spend my days writing scripts and managing servers. Today I'm doing some significantly more difficult: trying to figure out how to properly format a form in Microsoft Word. 😱

I made this post and the battery life went from 55% to 50%. So I think it's a combination of *really* good battery life and the metric in Manjaro being in increments of 5%. Good to know!

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That moment of terror when you receive an email from Let's Encrypt about an expiring cert followed by the relief of realizing it's referring to the cert that was issued to your last hosting solution from before you migrated the site.

I don't use my non-work laptop all that regularly, but the Bluetooth trackball I keep connected to it has been listed within Manjaro as being on 55% battery life for nearly two months now. I'm not entirely sure if that metric in my OS is bugged out or if this trackball literally has the most insane battery life.

Today I've some some audio editing, wrote a blog post, and recorded a podcast episode. Not too bad all things considered.

I know I'm focused on the project that I'm working on based on the fact that I just went for an hour without realizing my music was paused.

In related news, I at least *made* a git repo for the personal project I've been too lazy to start for the past week, so that's at least a little progress. I'm working on putting some skeleton code together now.

I wish I had the energy and motivation to focus on personal projects after work. By the time I’m finished with my job for the day, I usually just want to relax for a bit and can’t bring myself to spend more time in front of a computer.

The problem isn't the API, but that I want to use it to pull things out of my GitHub account and write them to the web... and anything involving creating web pages makes me lose the will to live.

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Starting to look at the GitHub API for a personal project I'm working on. I feel like this is going to crash and burn, but it might at least be fun along the way.

For some reason, I always remember that Ctrl + u will clear what I've typed into the terminal from the cursor to the beginning of the line, but I never remember that it's Ctrl + k that will clear it from the cursor to the end of the line.

Spending this morning drinking coffee, listening to the new Ruby Waters album “If It Comes Down To It”, and reading Cory Doctorow’s new book “Attack Surface.”

So getting a coffee at 8 PM for my long drive home helped for the drive but didn't help my ability to sleep after I got home an hour and a half later.

The obvious solution is even more coffee this morning. ☕

I worked late last night and managed to get one of my repos updated with new features that were needed. I really wanted to get it knocked out yesterday since I’ll be on the road a good bit today for a socially distant offsite meeting.

I just ran `git status` on something that's clearly not a git repository. I think that's when we call it a day.

@consoleaccess FYI its also a pretty robust image processing library with bindings in many scripting languages

I was attempting to find a quick, lightweight way to resize images on my Pinebook Pro so that I could use them in blog posts. I stumbled across Imagemagick. It's a slick little CLI utility that even has HEIF support!

I was dreading the thought of opening GIMP on this laptop, so I'm glad I found something much less... intense.


I managed to more or less wing my way through setting up a PoC for a VPN solution at work. I was honestly surprised when it successfully connected.

Hello from my "office" network, which I haven't physically been to since March.

I, for one, am not ready for tomorrow to be Monday. I’m not sure how this keeps happening. 🤔

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