Can't believe Hatsune Miku wrote Minecraft, Harry Potter *and* brave browser!

Anyone know any rather long nethack guides?

I beat Cave Story! (best ending) 

I just beat Ballos without using my health pot! Holy sh*t that was a great game. Here are a couple photos:

"politics", possible trigger 

I don't understand why so many people hate the t-word being counted as a slur. If I could either say it and ruin someones day, I would of course not do that.

Bi culture is replacing the word hot with hawt.

Here's a question for all the Cave story players: When I saved Curly, It said it took a little while to reboot or something. I did that, and then went through the plantation / last cave. Will I see her again or will I have to go back through the labyrinth to get her?

I added transparency to the bar, right after posting screenshot sunday!

Here is the new rice.

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For todays I am once again posting my dwm desktop.

There are only two changs from this week: The bar is now at the bottom and a new wallpaper.

Hey hey now I'm based on r/politicalcompassmemes.

Remember when everyone was going crazy about selfie sticks?

cave story 

I decided to restart cave story because I unfortunately couldn't save curly and I don't have any save from before then :(.

I just installed my new ssd and man, thinkpads are amazing. It was as easy as installing RAM on a PC.

Hey everyone!

My name is Connor and I used to use the handle @connor Because I used to be into webdev. Now I mostly work with linux, Suckless software and window managers in general.


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