just released my wekan-cli in Rust. Check it out on Github

Book recommendation to learn about ip routing, routing table, linux kernel routing?

I do think, the eurovision contest delivered this year. Sound was not that bad and politic also played in favor of the winner, but that is indeed deserved and gives morale boost for the troops.

80% I will install SteamOS 3 on my desktop machine. Replacing popOS

Going to learn cross-compile a rust binary now. At the moment running into libssl-dev issues and pkg-config problems. :) Happy building everyone.

…going to read the RUST book again.. the multi threading is hard to understand.

Good guide on how to create a own store entry in nix-store? I want to use python3.9 with Selenium4.1 but I can’t do it.

AoE 2 DE works great with Proton on PopOs . I am so hyped to use the SteamDeck

How do you structure your hotkeys?

Does anyone has a good guide on how manage buffer keymaps and build custom buffer like magic-status for example?

If would switch to Linux again , that would be a good sign and can not be trusted

Still waiting for Steam deck . LeagueOfLegends runs great with lutris/glorious Proton

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