You probably don't need more than one monitor

I remember seeing this and thinking "Wow, this might work" lol

Why tf do bitcoin maximalists think BTC will be spared when the fed eventually slows down on the BRRR machines? Like, what's the logic here?

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Two super exciting announcements for 1Feed today:

🐦 Twitter support!! Now you can get tweets from your favourite people right inside your 1Feed 👌

🥳 Public sign up! Now anyone (you included) can go straight to and sign up, no waiting required 😁

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the moment you realize the internet uses bgp in the way it does is the moment you realize how insanely fucked we all are if we dont use encrypted overlays.
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Gender Differences in Recognition for Group Work   Journal of Political Economy
We study whether gender influences credit attribution for group work using observational data and two experiments. We use data from academic economists to test whether coauthorship matters differently for tenure for men and women. We find that, conditional on quality and other observables, men are tenured similarly regardless of whether they coauthor or s…

When I say a company is not big enough to need help recruiting I mean they should be doing it themselves because the core team is very important.

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I don't know if it's the same way in other countries but here's what I have observed in Turkey:

If a company is not big enough to need help recruiting yet you're being approached by a recruitment agency on behalf of them, they probably have a shitty culture and you wouldn't want to work there.

Turkish Armed Forces fed me better than my mother (don’t tell her)

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