@comcloudway There will be alternative payment methods available eventually

@pine64eu Also I'm not sure if my failed purchase caused a bug, or someone else successfully purchased the PinePhone +Keyboard case bundle,
but now they are out of stock – which is weird, as the PinePhone and the Keyboard case are both still in stock.

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@pine64eu I was just going to place an order, when I realized that only credit/debit cards are a valid payment methods and as I don't have such a card, I'm unfortunately unable to complete the purchase.

Do you plan on supporting other payment methods in the future (e.g., PayPal or SEPA)?

I certainly still have some work to do, but it is way more than having to fiddle with other SSGs that I'm unable to theme to my liking (without putting to much time into it)

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I guess it is that time of year again where I redesign my website.

Chose to go with emacs-orgmode as the "backend"
(I use org-publish to generate the html files)

even does an amazing job rendering the .org files when viewing the pages repo

trans people :transflag: 

Let's just be clear here: people didn't "become" trans one day. They just didn't realize that they were before, or maybe they were too afraid to come out.

I have a really weird question:
Why doesn't GTK support more platforms (,)?

I know there are alternatives (but I just want to know why GTK is desktop only). And I know that gtk apps would not be themed appropriately.
I'm asking here because I was unable to find an answer online (someone suggested GTKAndroid which seems to be broken)

I finished the second prototype for my music instrument.
I still have to fix a couple of bugs and design a better case

After 2 months of work, I finally released the first stable version of my MIDI synth (for the ROLI Seaboard) called PolarPlayer Studio.

It is still far from being completed, but I'll be taking a break from it for a couple of weeks, to build my own MIDI Instrument.


I need help from the :
At the beginning of this year I discovered a mastodon account (on a different FOSS instance) called "Freed Creative", they also owned a channel with the same name and uploaded awesome tutorials.
I noticed NewPipe complaining about not being able to find the account, like 2 weeks ago. So I did a quick mastodon search but it only returned @freedcreative@tilvids.com and @freedcreative@peertube.social .
Does anyone know what happened to the account?

I have to say, that is by no means perfect: My phone is rooted and yet I'm unable to remount /system as rw (issue with my phone series also only shows a blue accent color in the style editor and it does not allow me to add new styles

Switched back to (/e/OS) after about 2 months using Linux on my phone.
Honestly Linux worked much better than expected, but being unable to use flatpaks and the fact that one cannot use two electron apps at the same time lead to me switching back - for now

No, it's not that new generations have more gay and trans folks because of "left propaganda" or whatever. There were always that many of them. It's just that these days they are less afraid of admitting it for fear of being fired, ostracized, beaten or murdered.

Me complaining about #droidian / #mobian bookworm issues 

Probably the most annoying thing is the fact that wifi power safe totally dries my battery (when I have wifi disabled my battery lasts longer than expected).
But when I put my phone in standby mode, wifi_powersafe apparently turns of wifi, which triggers the lock screen to turn on.
Once the lock screen turns on, wifi also turns back on. Which means that after the screen timeout expires the screen will turn off - and repeat(on, off, on, off)

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Me complaining about #droidian / #mobian bookworm issues 

I'm not sure if the Software suite is also bundled as a flatpak, but it doens't follow the system theme.
Additionally pressing Update results in an error message one has to close to be able to click the update button again.
Oddly enough uninstalling flatpaks works, but uninstalling packages installed from the droidian repo / using apt doesn't work as he isn't able to find the packages

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Me complaining about #droidian / #mobian bookworm issues 

Another thing that is bothering me is the fact that flatpaks are the worst, but many applications aren't in the bookworm repo yet, like gnome-podcasts.
It's not that that the flatpaks don't launch, but they do not follow the system theme (after a new update) and in portrait mode scrolling is simply broken (I originally intended to write this on my phone).

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Me complaining about #droidian / #mobian bookworm issues 

First of all, I know this is the testing build, but the non-edge droidian version wasn't working for me at all - it booted fine, but there were even more bugs. Also I know the boot loop issue has already been reported.

What upsets me is, that it takes on average 4 attempts to boot my phone, sometimes it boots up on the first attempt, but then the orientation sensor isn't working.

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Just wanted to do a quick post on my linux mobile journy so far (I've been using the volla phone testing build for about a month now):

Going into this I honestly didn't expect it work this well, as I always heard people complain that it is slow - but it really isn't.

But, unfortunatly there are a couple of annoing things (just naming them here, see thread for more)
- boot looping & the orientation sensor
- wifi power safe
- the keyboard
- electron apps

I added some color to it and redesigned the stairs, because I didn't like the way they looked.

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