I just got a message on LinkedIn recruiting for Amazon Web Services at Dublin. This was my reply:

"Thank you for your message! I am glad to hear that you find my profile interesting, and Dublin would be a great place to work at, but I have to say that I don't see myself working for an Amazon subsidiary. Amazon's values and mine are too far apart for that, unfortunately."

It did feel cool to be approached by AWS, but nope, I won't contribute to their quest for world domination.

After the AWS recruiter replied "Should anything change in the future please do let me know!", I took @bignose suggestion to heart and replied:
As soon as Amazon and its subsidiaries use 100% renewable energy, pay all their workers a living wage, stop participating in surveillance, and stop aggressively attempting to monopolize markets (I know AWS itself is better than your parent company in many of these points, but it's still a subsidiary after all), I will be very happy to apply!

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The recruiter's reply to my message was very kind and understanding. I gotta say: As problematic as Amazon is, AWS's recruiting staff seems to be top notch!

@bignose Was their reaction to your answer equally understanding?

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@colomar I went further and politely listed the conditions of my employment. Such as paying all workers a living wage, paying me to work only on creating freely licensed software, guaranteeing that my work would never be part of a surveillance system. And so on.

All conditions that, if met, would make them a candidate employer. It's well to remind them what it would take to get desirable employees :-)

@colomar @bignose
"As soon as Amazon and its subsidiaries use 100% renewable energy, pay all their workers a living wage"

Way unfortunately 😞 and just this month alone .....
1. Amazon is too far away from 100% renewable energy with its incredibly high ; checkout
2. Amazon is trying to completely *ELIMINATE* as many human workers as it can through its increasing use of robots 😟 ; checkout

@colomar Mine was years ago. Never received another response, though I did get several other recruiters at other times.

@colomar Thank you for the consistency with your values and for setting the good example. Money and prestige are not as good as the awareness of having acted with a straight conscience.

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