I just realized: One thing I'm missing from the Fediverse are event calendars.
I'm currently in a group of people planning a climate protest, and we're using Facebook to post events there for people to subscribe to.
I'm not aware of any federated social network / tool where I could post a calendar event and people could subscribe to it.
That would be a really useful feature to get more people off Facebook.

@colomar replying because I need a calendar too.

My phone's calendar has gotten really slow and of course Google Calendar is very un-free.

I haven't used the functionality myself, so I don't know exactly what's there, but Friendica, Hubzilla and Osada have events.

@colomar I think that @GetTogetherComm is trying, not sure they have everything for your use cases but might be worth checking out.

@colomar Yup, the federated calendar's a good idea, particularly if it's incredibly simple.

We have a foible about calendars and tend to actively avoid them because of their tendency to intensely bloated functionality.

@colomar And as for FB, bitbucketing their domains on your DNS is a good thing.

@colomar it would also be an opportunity to address safety. Organizing on Facebook is about one of the least-safe things you can do. So, for example, one could design things like the "I'll be there" click not to track any info about the user... help the organizer get an idea of attendance, but not do the huge Facebook surveillance/sharing part.

@colomar yeah absolutely, for everything from cultural to personal to political the events platform is a key key part of why it’s hard to cut out Facebook.

I Would be super interested in working on a project like this... a friend and I started something similar as part of a hackathon but it as a way bigger project than we could chew at the time.

@padraic_padraic @colomar I'm said friend. That was before we knew about the fediverse. Our plan was a close clone of Facebook Events except you'd invite people by email and they'd create a login for that event only. Would like to revive that idea, then add ActivityPub integration.

Only problem is I know sod all about frontend development.

@keir Well, I happen to be a UX designer with some frontend dev skills (pretty good in the HTML / CSS department, started to learn JS with React and Vue recently), so maybe I can help you?

Or maybe we should join forces with @gergely
since he is currently working on a federated calendar using ActivityPub ( @calendar_social ), which seems right up the same alley?
Together we could really make this shine!

@colomar @padraic_padraic both are good ideas! I'll take a proper look at @calendar_social when I'm not working and see what I can contribute there

@colomar I'm actually testing this in Friendica where I can setup an event and share that with friends. It works for networks that support the events such as Osada and Hubzilla. These networks allow to users to accept or decline, integrate in calender etc. Other networks such as Diaspora* just receive a post in the stream.

@ericbuijs Interesting! Are they using ActivityPub for the events or some other protocol?
I'd love to see this functionality in Mastodon as well. Even though people might set up events less often in microblogging systems than in traditional social networks, the amount of favorites and boosts that my toot already received shows that I'm not the only one looking for such a feature.

@colomar @ericbuijs The protocol question is complicated, because they support several:

- Friendica<->Osada and HubZilla<->Osada would be ActivityPub (AP)
- Friendica<->Friendica was until recently Friendica's own DFRN, but as of the latest release I believe AP is preferred there too.
- HubZilla<->HubZilla would speak HubZilla's own Zot.
- Friendica<->HubZilla I believe would be Diaspora, or, on latest Friendica, AP.

I don't know which types of interactions are possible over which protocols.

@clacke Yeah, I know about the multiple protocols. So basically my question was (and yes, it would have made sense to ask exactly that): Does ActivityPub support calendar events?

@colomar @ericbuijs It does, but I'm not sure exactly what operations are supported.

If Friendica/HubZilla/Osada don't support all the features you need, I'm sure that the two event-oriented AP implementations(0)(1) will, or already do, whether using the features already specified in AP or defining some extension.

ISTR having asked them and received the answer that they will work to interoperate well with each other and with Osada/HubZilla/Friendica.

As @ericbuijs notes, just because it's in AP and that these implementations would talk AP to each other, doesn't automatically mean that Mastodon would fully support it.

Depending on what side-effects any extensions would define, it's possible that a mobile app could do more than Mastodon itself, even with just a Mastodon account.

(0) @GetTogetherComm
(1) @mobilizon

@clacke Thank you for the input! Good to know that AP apparently already supports events.

I know that Mastodon doesn't automatically support all AP features, which does make sense given that not all features make sense for all applications on the Fediverse.

The fact that the favorites and boosts on my original toot are still coming in npw, I have the feeling that there are many Mastodon users who would also like to see this feature there, however. :)

@ericbuijs @GetTogetherComm @mobilizon

@colomar Friendica shows the incoming events as DFRN protocol not AP unfortunately. So I believe that the chances for Mastodon supporting this are very slim.

@dheadshot Indeed, @calendar_social looks like it's heading in the exact direction I'm looking for!
Although I'd prefer to have it integrated right into instead of having to log into another platform, I guess. Maybe it can find its way into Mastodon eventually?

@colomar I was thinking about this recently, too. I'm in the market for a general non-google calendar software right now regardless, but was thinking about a good way to handle decentralized and/or secure anonymous gatherings as well.

Adding federated support could be a great start.

@twisterghost Apparently you're not the only one, seeing how my original toot got 45 boosts and 41 favorites so far in less five hours. Seems like I've hit a nerve there.

@colomar @phessler There's though I haven't yet understood how that is supposed to work.

Sounds totally interestin, but so far nobody was able to explain it to me.

For calendar subscriptions, you could run your own NextCloud instance. That's what we're using to provide CalDAV for working groups and webcal subscriptions to interested parties of public events.

@MacLemon Nextcloud definitely makes sense when you already have an instance for your organization. If it's just a small ad-hoc group of people, however, it would be great to use public instances.

@colomar To just announce an event you can publish an .ics to any webserver/CMS of your choice. @phessler

@MacLemon True, though I must admit that I would like to know how many people I can expect to come (not necessairly who, just how many).

@Thomas Pfeiffer @David Philipe Gil
Hubzilla is perfectly tuned for end users (and it's the only software which allows a user to linked to each other #fediverse projets). But admin can add apps to their installation to increase features, that's why #hubzilla is said to be powerful/complex.
By the way, Hubzilla has a native calendar tool which can be shared between a group. And if the admin adds the CalDav app (I guess it's already installed by default), you can even use a CalDav calendar, accessible through your favorite calendar software (including mobile apps).
@moonman @colomar gnu social also had groups which would be perfect for this.
@sim Eugen doesn't want them and I think it might be planned for Pleroma. @moonman @colomar
@thatbrickster @moonman @colomar Yeah, I think it was on the cards for pleroma. Especially now the GS crowd are over here.


as far as i know this is possible with and friendica. As far as i know, the federation to mastodon for instance doesn't yet work.

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