I haven't been able to connect to Mastodon cloud from home in months... For some damn reason (the Gothenburg city net have caused issues before)

So if I'm quiet that is the only reason

@ohyran I've switched as well, and I have not regretted it for a minute. Finally the local timeline is really interesting, and the server is very well maintained. I've had frequent connection issues on mastodon.cloud, but hardly any on fosstodon.

@colomar @ohyran I switched a few months ago, and totally agree about the Local Timeline finally being something I want to look at. Plus the server has been rock solid and works with Tusky on Android. 10/10, would switch to fosstodon again.


@ohyran welcome to Fosstodon, your friendly FOSS community within a FOSS social network! So meta, much geek, wow!

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