non-programmers are an important part of open source projects. non-programmer contributions are valid and useful and not second tier or otherwise less valuable.

it's easy to say programmers are the only value-add when you're fortunate enough to have enough non-programmers that you can take them for granted.

if you take away the feature requests, translations, and general chatter - many OSS projects would have never been more than flawed, narrow use case tech demos.

There is still hope that the terribly stupid and of the EU Copyright Directive will be killed.
Now is the best time for us Europeans to contact our MEPs to either tell them to continue their fight or to change their mind, depending on where they currently stand.

I really find it satisfying to complete Street Complete missions when I'm out-and-about, so much more fun than Pokémon Go (at least for me anyway)!

"[Street Complete] app finds incomplete and extendable data in your vicinity and displays it on a map as markers. Each of those is solvable by answering a simple question to complete the info on site.

The info you enter is then directly added to the OpenStreetMap in your name, without the need to use another editor."

The global lead for my department just casually mentioned a quote I think I'll keep:
"Old World: knowledge Is power
New World: Sharing knowledge is power."

Yes, I work at . Yes, the change is real. (no, I still don't like Windows haha)

@tom79 Do you have plans for showing full toots in notifications in Mastalab?

I like e.g. when @Tusky tells me not just that one of my toots was boosted or favorited, but which one it was, or when I was mentioned I can read the toot right from the notification without having to open the app.

Working on #pixelfed support allows me to deeply change pieces of code for making future integrations easier.
I am working on a replicable process for different layouts and API if needed.
I hope to finish soon.

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I've switched from to because Mastalab has the ability to show local timelines of other instance, which I'm sorely missing from Tusky. Plus, Tusky doesn't show in the timeline if a toot has replies, you have to open it in full.
Tusky, on the other hand, has so much better notifications. I'm missing those already...

It's interesting: The original idea of the "favorite" Burton seems more like a bookmark (evidenced by the fact that all :mastodon: clients I've seen give you an option to see all your favorite toots, whereas I almost exclusively use it to express my agreement with our a appreciation of a toot without showing it in my timeline.

How are others using that button?

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One reason I love (and the majority of the ) is because most of the people here may disagree strongly with my thoughts, but more often than not people stay fairly respectable. I can call many of you (with whom I completely disagree on a very basic level) colleagues and friends. There is virtually no love-loss because of a disagreement.

It gives me hope for the future of humanity that there are so many polar opposites being excellent to each other! is an alternative and radical events agenda. It lists events at autonomous and community spaces that are generally either free or entry on donation

It would be great to see more events from other places around the world listed.

#squattheplanet #freespaces #radar

*please boost for visibility*

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A federal judge in Iowa says it's no longer a crime to go undercover at factory farms, slaughterhouses and any other ag-related operations.

Since I care about ethical alternatives to surveillance machines like Amazon Echo or Google Home, I've voted for Mark I in the Internet of Arduino challenge ( ) from Arrow and Indiegogo, where they stand to gain $50.000 if they win (they're among the three finalists).
A warning to people in the US, though: Arrow's privacy policy says that they will use collected data from US users for advertizing, whereas outside the US they do it only with express consent.

There's a few games I didn't know about and/or have yet to try on this list

It took me months to dig up half of the games on this list on my own, and although I do know some games that aren't on there, that's the best list of foss games I've found so far.

Most YT channels constantly ask you to subscribe. (Including me.) But now I've realized: if someone really likes my content, they'll subscribe on their own.

Begging for subs tends to result in a lot of "empty subscribers" who don't watch most of your videos. I have 150 subscribers on one of my channels, but most videos only get about 20 views.

My point is: you should focus on getting active fans... not increasing your sub count. That way when you do get subscriptions, it means something.

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