Next week Sunday (May 19th) there will be protest marches all across Europe, calling for a Europe for everyone, without the ultra-conservative nationalists and right-wing populists that are currently gaining hold all across the EU.
I will be in the protest in Cologne, will you join your closest one as well?

Plasma 5.15.5 brings improvements to KDE's desktop environment, including fixes to the Discover software manager, crisper widget previews and labels on the desktop, ... and emojis to window titles. Let that last one sink in for a second.

The @gnome and KDE communities are looking for locations for the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2019, an event that wants to help the Linux application ecosystem flourish.

Met a friend in a train and we were talking about . Posting it here so I can introduce him to

repository seems to have some and character

More tips on list

Most of -Droid games are wroth checking

For example

Anybody has tips for other resources (mainly for 2D, Android)?

It's absolutely scary how tight a grip Facebook Inc. has on social lives in our societies.

I have neither a Facebook nor a WhatsApp account, but I can feel on a daily basis how small a minority I belong to.

If my wife didn't have WhatsApp either, I'd be pretty much cut off from social life, because currently the communication with our common friends happens almost exclusively there.

And ironically, even mildly anti-capitalist climate activists communicate all their activities via Facebook.

I want to give a big shout-out to the makers of !
I love the idea behind it: It's a really good Apache-licensed diagramming tool that runs in your browser but you still store your data wherever you want (on your hard drive, in your cloud storage, whatever).
There is also an offline desktop app (which is also available on Linux, of course!).
They make money from selling integrations into Jira and Confluence, which is fine since they're proprietary anyway.

is my go for de, with some customnization you'll have a perfect desktop. But I don't, because it just works. And it also uses least ram than most DEs. I really love the balance between the reasource usage and conveneince. Though I have i3 installed, but 99% of the time was spent on plasma. Well done, kde!

A message to Americans who care about the climate, their environment and their countrymen who would be directly affected by it: Here is a petition to urge Bank of America not to finance the planned Atlantic Coast Pipeline which is planned to transport fracked gas across the country.
Fracking is at least as bad as coal, and it must die alongside it.

Just watching Big Bang Theory S11E18 with Bill Gates. All the guys idolize him, which goes to show how little the producers actually know about geeks.
It's painful to watch at times.

Until very recently, the only songs I knew were their completely apolitical songs Tubthumping and Amnesia (though I wasn't even aware that Amnesia was from them), so I didn't have the slightest idea they were a very political anarcho-communist band.

The irony is that their fans - rightfully, I'd say! - hated them for the contract with EMI that lead to the only songs I knew.
Oh well, at least that made them popular enough so I knew about them and looked them up.

On the radio this morning there was a German entrepreneur who complained that with Brexit we'd lose the strongest supporter of economic liberalism / liberism (or "reason", as he called it) that has prevented the EU from "redestributing profits before they were made" so far.

Guess there is a silver lining in the grim outlook of Brexit for the rest of us, at least?

Based on worst-case scenario projections, a new study predicts as many as one billion people could be newly exposed to mosquito-borne illnesses within this century if climate change goes unchecked.

I just watched Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in my life, believe it or not.

But at least I watched it in style: Since my Blu-Ray player is broken, we hooked up an external DVD writer to a laptop and the laptop to the TV so we could watch the DVD. Did the trick.

Beto O'Rourke was a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow and still has t-files online. Apparently, he wasn't much of a hacker. Seems he was more interested in cracked games and stealing long distance phone service. But it is interesting that we have a former punk rocker, BBS operator and "hacker" running for POTUS.

If you're an avid open-source user who would love to help advance a project, there's a lot you can contribute whether you can program or not:

Provide constructive feedback, file bug reports, improve the documentation or help out maintaining the web & social media presence. Spread the word and recommend the projects you love to others (btw, I run Arch 😂)

Say "thank you" and tell developers to "keep up the great work". That form of contribution means a lot more than you could possibly imagine.

European colonization in the age of sail was just the metastasis of this cultural tumour, as it continued its spread beyond the organs of Europe. The "scientific racism" of the Victorian era was an ideological reaction to the beginnings of anti-racism in forms like the #Abolitionist movement against human slavery. The only thing new about contemporary white supremacy is that it's not the "common sense" of any society, not even USAmerica, just a fringe belief desperate for attention.

Congratulations @dansup , that's a really important feature for increasing #fediverse adoption. I wonder if #PeerTube has a feature for importing YT channels to PT servers? I'm certainly not aware of a Mastodon feature for importing from the birdsite (yet). #GDPR obliges the #DataFarms to make user data portable. I'd love to see every fediverse app working on a #FyreExyt for every user of datafarms with similar services.

I've reported #Wire's lack of server>server federation as an issue, and explained how it could benefit them as a company. I mentioned that there might be hackers out there willing to help them make it happen. Let's see what they say:

As a Canadian, I am ashamed to see Canadian banks investing heavily in fossil fuels. China Construction Bank still leads in absolute values but has cut their investments by half.

The table pictured shows investment over 2015-2017 by banks worldwide. Is your bank on that list? Is there a better bank you could put your money in?

Read the full report here.

#sustainability #green

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