Reminder that we should be including description text on the images we post. Blind people like to read our toots too.

Since I realized after tooting that the small text makes the Venn diagram not very social-media-friendly, here is a better version.

Btw: The diagram was created with the desktop version. I've used many diagram tools over the years, but I haven't found another one that combines learnability and versatility quite like And it's Apache-licensed.

And no, I am in no way affiliated with, I just love the software.

One of the reasons why the FOSS world is often split when it comes to political topics:
FOSS attracts mainly two quite different crowds: The user freedom aspect (plus lack of state control) attracts many staunch libertarians, whereas the aspect of cooperating "for the greater good" (plus lack of commercial control) mostly attracts progressives.

It's actually quite surprising that those two groups, who usually hate each other with passion, can cooperate on the same thing.

The KDE community endorses the Global Climate Strike tomorrow, September 20th. See

"There is no Free Software on a dead planet."

Find your local march on


@kde officially endorses the Global Climate Strike tomorrow, September 20th (see the banner on!

We are aware that "There is no Free Software on a dead planet", so we encourage everyone to join your local Climate Strike march tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this) so that we still have a future for Free Software to strive in.

Find your local march on

Humble Bundle currently has three bundles that might be of interest to some of you:
"IT Security by Taylor & Francis" (DRM-free ebooks)
"Level Up Your Python" (ebooks, software (proprietary, so probably not interesting for you guys) and videos)
"Become a Game Developer" (ebooks and videos about Unity development)

I guess the IT Security one is potentially the most interesting ( )

I am in no way affiliated with Humble Bundle, I just share because I care ;)

Humble Bundle recommendation 

@colomar @federicomena
This quote from the blog is excellent to show the importance of reporting vulnerabilities responsibly.

"I don't like it when security "research" is hard to tell from vandalism. "Excuse me, you left your car door unlocked" vs. "Hey everyone, this car is unlocked, have at it"."

Thank you @federicomena for reminding people how to disclose security vulnerabilities (especially in FOSS projects) in a way that is beneficial for everyone.

We need people who check open source code for security vulnerabilities, because bugs only become shallow if enough eyeballs actually turn to them.
But we also need those people to report them in a way that does not do harm.

I'm in some kind of little shock...

I love :kdeneon:. I love the :kde:.

Everything works so well that it's hard to believe in it.

Last month, in order to block a climate bill, Oregon Republicans fled the state and threatened to attack police sent out to retrieve them.

That's one fine democracy you have there, America...

I love Mycroft but I wish they'd develop a product and have it ready before they start selling it. They're still trying to get the Mark II working, and it was supposed to have shipped last December. Still, they're the best player in the open source assistant market, and I feel like they deserve our support. There are several ways to help out, many that don't involve money. If you can, please do.

"Real Companies Ship Product - Mycroft"

After I've just rejected another project offer from a company whose company values I disagree with, I started thinking: Wouldn't it be great if all of us IT people could band together and sign a pledge not to work for unethical companies?

If enough of us did it, given how hard it is to find good people in our line of work, we could have a real impact!

Agreeing on a definition of "ethical" would not be easy, but I bet we could find some common ground.

Let me know if this proposal makes sense!

The recruiter's reply to my message was very kind and understanding. I gotta say: As problematic as Amazon is, AWS's recruiting staff seems to be top notch!

@bignose Was their reaction to your answer equally understanding?

Kabarettist Nico Semsrott wird wohl ins #Europaparlament einziehen. Seine Partei #DiePartei fordert: Führerscheinentzug für Klimaleugner und ein Existenzmaximum von einer Million Euro. #Europawahl2019

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