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Thomas Pfeiffer

Also soon a project coming to you in the vein of Majestic Failure > Mediocre Success (should be a T-shirt).

How hard can it be to set up your own selfhosted internet-accessible server either using a Raspberry Pi 3 or an unused laptop? How hard can it be to make that secure and usable?

I'd say "hold my beer" but I'm pretty confident I can do this while holding a beer, a small tray of vol-au-vents and a tiny toy poodle

Confidence level: 9000
Skill Level: negative potato

News flash: if your business plan is to make a billion dollars while decentralising the world, you’re interested in making a billion dollars, not decentralising the world.

A decentralised world, by its very nature, has no place for billionaires.

#blockchain #cryptocurrencies #rightlibertarians #venturecapital #icos

I don't like how people tend to lump easy to use distros under the banner of "noobs". Just because a distro comes with ease-of-life adjustments where everything "just works" doesn't mean it's not suited for someone who knows what they're doing. It might hold your hand a little more on some aspects, but anything you can do in Debian you can do in Linux Mint.

The only thing LM would have over Debian (other than being Ubuntu unless you go with LMDE) are the GUI Mint tools.

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UN Environment and Google announce ground-breaking partnership to protect our planet

Sounds interesting!
I hope Google won't try to tack any sort of data collection from or advertisement to users onto it, but really treat it as a pure pro bono / PR measure.

Just got a message from a recruiter advertising a job for xarvio, a "Digital Farming" startup. I went to their website, what they do sounds interesting but the about page says "Bayer AG Crop Science".

Nope, no can do, I won't be helping a company to drive farmers into ruin. I'd rather live on the streets than that.

I'm going to write a lot more about this in the coming days but the most important takeaway from my first few days of switching my main development machine to Linux (Pop!_OS 18.04)?

I. Do. Not. Miss. The. Mac. One. Bit.

Everything Just Works (tm), including my USB-C-only LG external monitor (which doesn't even work with Laura's older MacBook Pro), Magic Trackpad, etc. And there are things I actually enjoy more about the experience. Never thought I'd be writing this about Linux. Exciting times!

"the creation of a systemic #ecology of #thecommons becomes an essential strategy for #socialchange. The key approach for emancipation is no longer a redistribution of market value, or a state-centric appropriation of productive assets, but an interweaving of commons-based production and redistribution"

In less than a month I'll be at Akademy 2018 with the rest of the @kde community, telling people about the silly stuff I make with ImageMagick, ffmpeg, Synfig & Kdenlive so I can create campy videos.

Kube, a new PIM / email client from KDE, has just released version 0.7.0 and it looks as gorgeous and promising as ever, (the gorgeousness being mostly thanks to @ohyran 's original UI design :) )

@kev this one might be worth for you to keep an eye on

Heh, just got a call from work. He noticed that my messenger app was set to "Do Not Disturb", so he called me instead.

Hey eveyone! We're having a #Nextcloud Conference on August 23-30 in #Berlin! Join us for the hackweek or for the talks only on August 25-26 🙂

Cfp is open, more info about speakers soon!

The tickets are free, if you need travel support please read this:

#privacy #hackerspaces #cryptoparty #infosec #opensource

Google Drive -> Nextcloud
Google Calendar -> Nextcloud
Google Contacts -> Nextcloud
Google Keep (notes) -> Nextcloud
Office/Docs -> Libre Office
Chrome -> Firefox
Lastpass -> KeepassXC
Twitter/Facebook -> Mastodon
Gmail -> Protonmail
WhatsApp -> Wire
Windows -> Linux

Apparently, Arm needed their own employees to make them see what an utterly stupid idea that smear site against RISC-V was and finally take it down:

Invited after our joint letter about the EU ePrivacy Regulation, we are, together with Tresorit, on our way to the European Commission to discuss the importance of end-to-end encryption to guarantee the privacy & confidentiality of communications! 😀
#Fight4Privacy #EncryptItAll

Continuing that stupid factoid:

Sapient, is from Sapere which in turn is from the proto-Indo-European word for "research" or "to try".

Pretty romantic little thought isn't it? "To be sapient" is in a way "to try".

So, Arm has set up a website under for the sole purpose of spreading FUD about their open competitor.

Wow, Arm, this is very low.

You guys do not know how happy I am with my new internet regime (ie crimping down on my usage of Facebook and Twitter and similar sites that game your addictive human brain).

Every damn day it's like "oh there is no more internet to see" and I get away from the computer instead of scrolling, scrolling, updating and checking.

It's odd that this is the future now. Treating the internet as an addictive substance to be handled with care.

Some more #Alternatives to follow on #FollowFriday:

@lib_reviews Building an open alternative to Yelp

@pixelfed PixelFed: Ethical alternative to Instagram, launching very soon

@mhall119 GetTogether: Account of the lead developer on an alternative to

@openstreetmap OpenStreetMap: The open source mapping project, mirrored on the OSM English instance 🗺️

@inventaire Inventaire: An open source book exchange site, you make new friends and lend each other books 📚

#FF #FFed

The only effective way to prevent the emergence of fascist regimes is for every person to cultivate a deep understanding of what fascism is, and challenge ourselves and each other to think and behave in ways that deny proto-fascist fires the oxygen they need to spead. We need to do this constantly, but also compassionately and respectfully.