This is something I've thought about quite a bit. My dream (ok, one of my *many* dreams!) is to use something between unschooling and non-religious home schooling for my own (future) kids. I still need to do a *lot* more thinking and reading about exactly how to implement it, though.

The economist/law professor David Freedman writes a lot about his experiences unschooling his kids (daviddfriedman.blogspot.com/20) (warning: his blog gets pretty political).
@measlytwerp @outkine @mooshoe

@mooshoe It's amazing that I haven't heard of that because that's exactly what I think the answer is. Before we can address the fundamental problems in our educational system I think that we need to address the issue of a terrible curriculum - and I think that teachers taking the role of facilitators, rather than instructors, is the key to doing that. This would allow a high-level organization to pour all of its resources into developing the ultimate curriculum, which teachers would administer.

Someone asked if KDE (or Plasma) have a "default" or focus distro...
See one thing I like about KDE as a community is its anarchic nature.

Throw three KDE members into a room and you can bet your ass that ten minutes later when you open the door, two of them will be arguing in a corner and the third is busy creating their own music player from scratch, & a fourth (who you have no idea how they got there) watch. Some think that's a problems, others (me included) see it as it's biggest benefit.

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Creative Commons Music



These are a few of my favorite things...

I kind of love Creative Commons Music! You should too!

Not really sure why the code of conduct change for linux kernel development is getting so much hate. It literally just says don't be an asshole, don't harass people with CLEAR EXAMPLES AND EXPECTATIONS.


Seriously confused why ppl are so upset. If you're all about "I don't care who you are, good code is good code" this facilitates that instead of letting social and political problems get in the way of people contributing code.

In the twenty-first century censorship works by flooding people with irrelevant information. We just don't know what to pay attention to, and often spend our time investigating and debating side issues. In ancient times having power meant having access to data. Today having power means knowing what to ignore.

~ Yuval Noah Harari


Want to know where the future of #selfhosted #privacy protecting clouds is at? We have good news! The videos of the #Nextcloud conference talks are online and you can watch them right now.

The fediverse is impressively hungry for anti-harassment tools!

The other day, I released t5.codesections.com/ —a tool to learn who you favorite most. It's a fun tool and spread widely with 30 boosts.

Yesterday, I released mastodon-de-mob.codesections.c As an anti-harassment tool you only use when being actively mobbed, I thought it would be of niche interest.

But instead, it's been boosted nearly 100 times(!), and is still going strong.

@Gargron this might tell you what features people want

I've just released Mastodon De-Mob, an anti-harassment tool that lets users to block everyone who favorited or boosted a toot calling for harassment. mastodon-de-mob.codesections.c

Please feel free to test it out with the example URL I provided; that will only block a test account I set up for this purpose. Hopefully, you won't ever need it for real.

It also reports the harassing toot, which I hope will prevent the tool's abuse for non-harassing toots.

source: github.com/codesections/mastod

Got another "How can I fix this on Windows" question - and I am done with this. "I have no idea, why do you use something you keep having such issues with?"

I don't care what OS you use as long as you accept that you do have a choice and that THAT is your choice and at some point griping about it constantly paints a picture of someone who simply wants to feel bad.

I just had to share this, it's to ingenious not to ..

In case you're wondering: the #EU just voted to impose filters on all the text, audio, photos, videos, etc you might post. If you think this will help photographers or other creators, you don't understand filters.

If something's bothering you, try and zoom out to a new meta. Why's it happening? Can you change it? What's the opposite? Is your current thinking helping? What are we not seeing?

Obvious #a11y statement of the day: The fact that other apps might not be accessible is not a justification for *your* app not to be accessible. Rather, it’s a space for you to set yourself apart, innovate and gain users!

Any job I do start with asdasdasd.svg and end with lastLASTversion12final.svg

There was a "man free" music festival here in town a couple of weeks back and several friends where involved in it.

The background to it was that crime rates, sexual harassment, rape etc where a common factor at music festivals and some wanted to try what would happen in a separatist music festival by doing one for non-binary, transpeople and women.

And the results are in 5000 visitors, and not a single crime reported and friends who worked on it and visited all say it was awesome.

This Saturday, September 8th, is the day where we all around the world!
Find an event near you on
riseforclimate.org/ and join!
I am in the organizing team for the event in Cologne, Germany, so if you are going to be near Cologne next Saturday, feel extra-invited to join us :)

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