If you're an avid open-source user who would love to help advance a project, there's a lot you can contribute whether you can program or not:

Provide constructive feedback, file bug reports, improve the documentation or help out maintaining the web & social media presence. Spread the word and recommend the projects you love to others (btw, I run Arch 😂)

Say "thank you" and tell developers to "keep up the great work". That form of contribution means a lot more than you could possibly imagine.

European colonization in the age of sail was just the metastasis of this cultural tumour, as it continued its spread beyond the organs of Europe. The "scientific racism" of the Victorian era was an ideological reaction to the beginnings of anti-racism in forms like the #Abolitionist movement against human slavery. The only thing new about contemporary white supremacy is that it's not the "common sense" of any society, not even USAmerica, just a fringe belief desperate for attention.

Congratulations @dansup , that's a really important feature for increasing #fediverse adoption. I wonder if #PeerTube has a feature for importing YT channels to PT servers? I'm certainly not aware of a Mastodon feature for importing from the birdsite (yet). #GDPR obliges the #DataFarms to make user data portable. I'd love to see every fediverse app working on a #FyreExyt for every user of datafarms with similar services.

I've reported #Wire's lack of server>server federation as an issue, and explained how it could benefit them as a company. I mentioned that there might be hackers out there willing to help them make it happen. Let's see what they say:

As a Canadian, I am ashamed to see Canadian banks investing heavily in fossil fuels. China Construction Bank still leads in absolute values but has cut their investments by half.

The table pictured shows investment over 2015-2017 by banks worldwide. Is your bank on that list? Is there a better bank you could put your money in?

Read the full report here.


#sustainability #green

The team at my current job uses Skype for Business, unfortunately.
So I installed it and on first run, it asked for all kinds of permissions.
I thought "Hey, I'm only gonna use it for audio conferences through a link, so it doesn't need to access storage or contacts or record video in my case and I can deny those, right?
Wrong. "All permissions required for the app to perform. Please grant permissions."
F**k you, Microsoft, that's not how permissions are supposed to work.
Dialing in it is, then.

Currently listening to Dethklok, now I want to watch Metalocalypse again...

After decades of propagating very well informed doom'n'gloom, #GeorgeMonbiot has finally clicked on to what #DeepEcology folks like #JoannaMacey and #JohnSeed have been saying for decades. What really motivates people to change is inspiring stories about their part in making the world better, *combined* with the facts of the situation. Doom'n'gloom provokes denial and paralysis, not behavioural change.

I dig how in the #fediverse no website is an island in isolation but is part of an interconnected archipelago. Kind of reminds me of Antarctica. The actual islands are the instances and the ice is #ActivityPub, making the archipelago feel like one giant continent. Let's keep the ice intact and keep the #Internet open and weird. 😎

TIL that Portland's police chief is called Danielle Outlaw, which is a heck of a nominative determinism failure.

@HerraBRE Businesses should use open source for all the usual open sourcey reasons:

- Better quality
- Don't re-invent the wheel
- Don't expend development effort on things which aren't your main product
- Avoid supplier lockin
- Shorter time to market
- Freedom to customize software to your exact requirements rather than what Microsoft/Google think you need

Open source business fallacies:

- "Using open source will cost you less". It might, but don't assume that. You might still want to hire support.
- "The community will provide features we ask for". Not necessarily. If you want a very business specific feature you may have to add it yourself or hire someone to do that.
- "Many eyeballs make bugs shallow". Only for the very high profile projects. Often there are not many developers reading existing code unless they need to, so sometimes bugs can go unnoticed for years. The average open source project has one or two developers.
@HerraBRE The main reasons for contributing back are twofold:

- Keeping software that you depend upon going (eg. by funding its development)
- Avoiding needing to maintain a fork if you make some customization

The fork situation is like the "Linux Speedboat Effect". If you make some particular change but don't send it back upstream then the main development continues on regardless and if you subsequently want to update from mainline it can be more difficult. Upstreaming helps developers to keep your changes in mind when making later changes.

Thanks for sharing @switchingsocial

People can also mention an instance to get known tags about it.

When the bot doesn't understand the message, it replies with a quote. That's useless for data, but that avoids the annoying same reply.

As soon as there will be enough data, I will offer the API part. This API will be also used with Fedilab to suggest instances to follow.

The most common reason a clever new open source licensing or governance hack is wrong is a lack of appreciation for the role and value of community.

The team, lead by @bshah, have just concluded their first sprint, and the progress they made there is amazing!


It's so good to see the community growing! What used to be more or less a 1.5 men project now has a proper team of volunteers as well as paid contributors, coming from KDE and other mobile FOSS communities, working on everything from hardware support to essential applications.

With that pace, an "end-user-ready" state feels within reach!

Listening music on @Ubports with android app and my bluetooth headphones 😎.

RT @gpph


This barge passes through Manila Bay every day clearly shows the broken system of single-use plastic production, overconsumption, and waste management.

Companies need to now >> act.gp/plasticmonster-tw

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