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@github blocked all Iranian accounts without prior notice or the chance to download their data. The whole process is quite & a result of a approach in tech.
Once more we emphasize that self-hosting can be the best protection mechanism. CC @gitlab

We're starting a posts series featuring people or communities who are doing a great work towards the movement. Stay tuned. 🤩

If your data is in the cloud, it should be encrypted. 💭 🔒 cc @KeybaseIO

The Slack Security Incident is just one more example of how our security and private communications can be endangered. ❗🔴 🔓
The only answer remains free and open source software which supports end-to-end encryption! 🔐

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Great work by Julia Reda, a shame to have her out of the parliament. FOSSA and the Cybersecurity legislation will push the EU and the world forward, I hope to see it sail through... now let's hope the Council doesn't spoil things as they tend to do

Facebook and Instagram was down today. Their number of privacy related scandals is going up though:


Using Gmail confidential mode is neither secure nor private. As long as Google can read your emails, its privacy promises will always be disingenuous. Here’s why Gmail’s confidential mode isn’t actually confidential:

We couldn't hide the excitement to attend Open Source Conference Albania 2019 - one of the grass roots FLOSS events we care a lot about. 😍🥳

Our latest blog post has all the details!

As you might have noticed, the rise of centralized proprietary blogging platforms is pushing a lot of publishers to look for new alternatives. This is why we are supporting self-hosting and open source blogging platforms. ✍️ 💻

Here are our thoughts on this:

Members of our collective were present at 😍

@libreoffice has a great community behind and as we gathered to celebrate achievements and work done so far, we felt proud to be committed to help this project grow even more.


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